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I still have the newspaper article that came out after Laurie Wilson and David Wagner were killed in the accident...and I still get sad when November 4th rolls around. My birthday is on the 11th and w + 236 more characters
So very sorry to hear the news of your Dad's passing. He was such a fine honorable man & truly, larger than life. My prayers & sympathies to all of the family.
Matt & Family, I was so saddened to hear Mark passed away although I had heard that he was suffering for so long. My sincere sympathies & prayers to all of your wonderful family. I have lost 2 family + 333 more characters
Well, personally, I feel you never really leave a place like Miles City...and I've been gone a long time. Yet, the town seems to be in some sort of time warp where very little changes including the ad + 256 more characters
awwwww, how sweet, Steve...and really, how cool to say we go back 30 years!! Hope to see you again sometime. Keep Miles City happening!
Hey Stevie, I just want to say how great it was to see you and so many good friends at the reunion!! Thanks so much for the pictures!! What a gift for our friends who couldn't come, like Shawna (Jerre + 202 more characters
Thanks so much, Katherine...Chris' family must have been so proud of him graduating West Point. So sorry to hear of his loss.
Could someone tell me what happened to Chris Kurkowski? Was he the one his dad, George, called "Bear?" I really loved George as a teacher; he made you think. I do remember him talking about a son name + 17 more characters
Also, I wanted to separately pay tribute to one of my best high school friends, Cindy White Cameron. Her death in a car accident in 98' was the most shocking event in my life. She kept me smiling, lau + 35 more characters
To the best of my recollection, Kerri Venn wasn't killed in that fateful car accident in '77. We lost Laurie Wilson and David Wegner that night. As far as I know Kerri is still alive, however, she los + 330 more characters
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