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Dale Thom and his wife Pearl helped us with our floors several years ago and did a great job. Not sure if they still do them or not. I don't have their number any more but I bet its in the phone book.
The hospital has a 5k every year but don't know when it is as I no longer live there and haven't run it in a long while. Otherwise you pretty much have to drive. The nearest marathon was in Billings l + 14 more characters
I had a good (I think) experience with Blackfoot River Brewery, triple Belgium and somehow woke up with my man and was a strange night but I think it falls into number 12.
I am sure they didn't make up the kidnapping thing, most likely the FBI is involved because the crime crossed state lines, MT to ND or SD.
I know Hawking, Einstein, Curie, Freud, Tesla, and Darwin
I love my blue heeler black lab mix! I have had nothing but compliments on how good a dog he is and how calm he was as a pup. Not just another love my dog no matter what, because my other dog (who I d + 175 more characters
Good idea Howdy, I know she has some kind of certification to work with raptors just because she loves animals. She is always taking in injury wild life and domestic animals who need help. She also w + 75 more characters
Bush signed for the first stimulus package.
How about Palin? Didn't she say she would make a decision by the end of Sept.?
I would like everyone to remember that the 50% Faux talks about includes retired person collecting Social Security Benefits plus people like my younger brother who is receiving VA disability payments, + 350 more characters
Listen to Faux News much? Ok so what is your plan to get rid of the "welfare mindset" please include in there the corporations that think the rest of us should foot their bills since there are severa + 907 more characters
entitlements: this does not mean what you think it does because social security into which people paid is an entitlement as are VA benefits and I know that my veteran friends paid for their benefits t + 536 more characters
Sorry, that last post was off topic.
How do you train them not to dig? I adopted a pup back in January and he is wonderful, doesn't chew anything, never messes in the house (doesn't even like to mess in his own backyard if he can help it + 360 more characters
Back to the rental thing: you must have a diagnosed, documented disability that your doctor agrees to write a prescription for a service or companion animal. So if you happened to be one of the people + 45 more characters
Sorry to hear you have been sick lately, I hope you fee better.
Thanks Gene.
Amen, K Duffy, Amen.
Only when people bring up good points and you don't like it. I work with persons with disabilities everyday...Normally Howdy, I agree with a lot of your points on I wouldn't think that someone + 111 more characters
I don't mean to be a pain in the butt Howdy, but I have heard the same thing about the n word, the r word, and terms about homosexuals. I would just like people to thing POV, point of view; just becau + 190 more characters
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