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3 fire trucks, police and ambulance in southgate. anyone know what is happening?
It really is a shame that this site has become what it is today. I can remember when you could post something that you genuinely wanted to have a disussion on. Again it is a shame, I guess I can call + 243 more characters
Schools 9 years ago
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I was just wondering if there has ever been any discussion about putting air conditioning in the schools. It is forecast to be 100 degrees tomorrow, the first day of school. Perhaps even a few window + 369 more characters
RE: Hawk 9 years ago
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thanks Marty, I'll try the pie plate.
Hawk 9 years ago
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We have a hawk that is circling overhead in our neighborhood. I am concerned about our small dog. The hawk has been hanging around for a few days now. Does anyone have any suggestions to deter the haw + 63 more characters
Fire 9 years ago
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Does anyone know where the fire is at? Can smell smoke from my house in Miles City.
Fire 10 years ago
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I heard we had a fire in Miles City today or yesterday. Is this true? I hope not.
Agree, Susan Mattocks at HRH
yes and i've was connected at 10.00am
Don't know what is going up but know there will be a swimming pool on Ponderosa when it rains because of the way the land has been sloped unless they have a drainage system put in.
All Billings stores are closed or closing. Have been corresponding with Hallmark head office. They do not sell keepsakes ornaments on line. Suggested we find a store that would ship so I found Char's.
Hallmark 10 years ago
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So sorry that Rigg's is closing. For anyone that collects Hallmark ornaments and needs a supplier I just talked to Charlene at Char's Hallmark in Livingston. She will order and ship. You just need a c + 75 more characters
does anyone know what days swimming lessons are? are they everyday Monday thru Friday?
thanks for the answer, will check tomorrow at the garden as we did get the rain last night.
Was just at the garden by HRH. Does anyone know when the water will be turned on? Supposed to get really warm next week and we are hauling water to the site. Thanks
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