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Hal, thanks for linking this article.
RE: Sunset 10 years ago
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Hal, those are awesome pictures. However, I think those clouds in the last photo were seeded with estrogen. How are you man? I hope you are making it through the winter.
J.I would love to get my copy signed. It is one of the best books I have ever read.
Howdy, I thought it was all the fault of the big bad union. CEO's suck my dick.
Lorin, thank you.
Ike, did you not say?- "In reality, the Griz should have won" Missed field goals VS. made field goals- game over.
California's state campaign watchdog yesterday accused two national outside-spending groups of laundering $11 million in political donations through an Arizona non-profit. The out-of-state organizatio + 1654 more characters
"Editor's note: David Frum, a CNN contributor, is a contributing editor at Newsweek and The Daily Beast. He is the author of seven books, including a new novel, "Patriots," and was a special assistant + 5511 more characters
To: The Mayor and City Council of the City of Miles City We the undersigned request of the Mayor and Council that Pumping Plant Park be renamed to honor and recognize Dr. Maurice R. Hilleman, a native + 727 more characters
Thanks, Larry. "Given his humble roots and the keen pragmatism he grew up with--Hilleman often credited the chickens he raised as a child with his successful use of chicken eggs for vaccine developmen + 186 more characters
I wish the Art and Heritage Center was surrounded by Dr. Maurice Ralph Hilleman park. Great web site. The place looks fantastic.
Joe I could not agree more. Pragmatism, logic, reason, education and scientific method have all been hijacked by retarded pseudo-religious Neanderthals that believe that the world is 15,000 years old. + 325 more characters
Gunnar, I agree that's why I said they are the last ones reporting the news. Or maybe it is BBC that is reporting the news and PBS is just airing it.
Hal, I would be interested to know what you, Richard and or Bridgier thought of the first article you posted.
I agree with both sides. Richard, well said. To worry about the funding of big bird is just fowl. However, to worry about the lack of free press in America is a story. and ironically, PBS is one of th + 31 more characters
By David Sirota When it comes to tax policy, Mitt Romney is not merely a spinner, an equivocator or a run-of-the-mill dissembler. He's a liar. Hyperbolic and overwrought as that label seems, it is, al + 1254 more characters
Miles City 24, Sidney 13 Miles City 14 0 7 3 - 24 Sidney 7 0 6 0 - 13 Miles City - Alec Haughian 14 pass from Ben Herzog (Trevor Harbaugh kick), Tim Regan 33 pass from Herzog (Harbaugh kick), + 134 more characters
tp said that we need to keep things going right up to the next election and I could not agree more. Bump If you have a Rehberg sign in your yard you are either a pretender, a billionaire, or just plai + 11 more characters
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