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Who do I contact about Mud Run? I have lost my flyer.
Updated this morning to 12 dead and at least 38 injured. Prayers out to all families affected by this senseless tragedy!
So how do we go about getting this issue remedied? C'mon people! As a community we should be able to get answers and find solutions. I don't care if the Williston WalMart is bare or not...they need to + 208 more characters
My post stems from my visit to WalMart Monday evening and again last night..well and many other visits honestly. I don't think it is a matter of others shopping here driving the shelves to be empty. I + 620 more characters
Can someone explain to me why WalMart is so poorly stocked Not just food but also baby products (clothing) and personal hygene products. In all my travels I have rarely seen a WalMart so poorly stock + 219 more characters
So two answers...can I get an official? Because I won't do the Mud Run if it interferes with Stand Down.
It was brought to my attention these are both on the same day. Are they connected in any way? My family was going to participate in the Mud Run until we learned the Vet Stand Down is on the same day. + 42 more characters
I pray everyone is safe! Husband woke me up because the smell is so strong in our house. God bless everyone involved.
She came and visited us on Saturday night! Very sweet kitten. We are just down the street from you :-)
I say look up the bill and plow through the pages yourself in order to know what's in it!
Nevermind. If I would just read correctly
At 8pm? Tonight?
Are there any workout programs available in Miles City? Like a centralized gym or something similar? Oh and does anyone do crossfit training?
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Boy do I hate to add on posts like this but here is my beef... I happen to be one of the newbies living here. I thankfully have people to live with until I can find a place. I am stuck because I canno + 724 more characters
That sounds great.
Will depend upon the time but sounds great.
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