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Hello, I Googled Miles City recycling and found this helpful guide online at url
I am hoping to find someone who thinks they will have enough rhubarb to sell some to me for a friend of mine with plans of baking a pie. Who are the abundant rhubarb growers in Miles City? I have a fi + 146 more characters
And another business worthy of praise is Olson Fencing. Alan Olson arrived on the scheduled date/time to give me a quote. When I accepted the quote and hired him, Alan began installation on the schedu + 191 more characters
I am proposing a post to praise businesses from whom you have received excellent service. In today's economy and with the holidays approaching,maybe we can promote some local businesses that have demo + 922 more characters
Bart, Do you listen to Christy the Wordsmith on National Public Radio? If you find the NPR website and Christy's program I'll bet you could email your question to her. She's the best source I can thin + 5 more characters
Wibaux Park - I remember the hot sidewalk burning my feet as I walked the few blocks straight south on Strevell, the smell of summer in my nose, the touch of summer on my shoulders, and the sound of c + 197 more characters
Actually the pumphouse renovation / construction project is in progress and I'm sure they'll let you take a look at it if you stop out at the Art Center. And Jack, thanks for reactivating my post on t + 184 more characters
Okay, I rarely post but I just did that so here goes... Patti LeCraft, maiden name Browning Graduated CCHC 1969 Places I've lived & worked: Miles City, Helena, Billings, MT; Denver, CO; Portland, OR; + 494 more characters
The Custer County Art & heritage Center has updated its website and the 2007 Art Auction Exhibit is now online for the first time. If you have interest in (a) supporting the Art Center and (b) collect + 404 more characters
Well I thought I had a great idea... I just spoke with Melissa Hartman re the hospital demolition. I thought she could raise funds by selling bricks to those of us with an interest but she said there + 192 more characters
Larry, that's a fabulous idea and I don't care how many other cookbooks are out there since I don't have them either. I have just one really W O N D E R F U L family Christmas-tradition type recipe I + 368 more characters
After reading your postings I believe television shows are targeted at an age group younger than yours or mine. I believe it's about 18-29 judging from the content of the T.V. shows...and the movies t + 487 more characters
Speaking for the ladies (well, females at least), I now consider it a challenge to find clothing in eastern Montana. In addition to Burlap & Lace in Miles City, try Sassy One in Terry (just moved into + 251 more characters
Wow! Some great ideas on how to spend your lottery winnings if not on Miles City then at least in Miles City (yes, we still have wine, women and an occasional song). As one who has returned after almo + 808 more characters
Um, I guess I should have specified what you would do for the good of Miles City if you won the lottery. I figure if it's for the good of M.C., then many would know, get the biggest bang + 104 more characters
If I won the lottery I would build some patio homes for those of us in the downsizing phase of life. It would be in the Arts & Crafts bungalow style with a center court where residents could mingle an + 195 more characters
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