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Fun show. Was living in Billings at the time and the band in the movie was a regular at the Midway Club in Billings at that time. One of the final scenes in the movie is when the rustlers came down a + 282 more characters
Before the Bird family moved out to the Schlautman area they had a small place on Tatro just east of the France Dairy.
What does this say about the Kirby Company !!
I always thought it would be interesting if the state would suspend the license of any driver that causes an injury or property damage to anyone and is not insured. The suspension would stand until th + 415 more characters
I found an interesting picture in a junk shop in Broadus one day. It is an aerial shot of the area just east of the bridge coming from Spotted Eagle. North sise of the road. The area is pretty much ta + 477 more characters
Not sure either but FWP1576 was launching a boat just above the bridge at 12:39 this PM. So the riparian zone is unaffected by government tires? I really dont blame them as it is a much better launch + 13 more characters
I'll bet if it was a private facility it would have been up and running long ago. Just recently I saw where they were moving some of the sorting to Billings for efficiency due to the drop in mail volu + 223 more characters
I remember one Billings prefix was Cherry. The others there were similar in nature. I think the older prefixes there still reflect the same two first numbers/letters as ours still does here in MC. Don + 77 more characters
Would appreciate if you would send me pics of Rock Creek also Cubby. We have a place about a mile North of the marina. I remember the last time the water was up like this the Corp about washed the bat + 77 more characters
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Found a few tokens good for 25 and 12 1/2 cents in trade. It is from a Butlers Arcade/Billiard Parlor in Miles City. They look quite old. Anyone ever hear of this place?
For the North siders playing in Bert Clarks Park. Slide, monkey bars, and merry go round. Slab and hoop. All gone now. Neighborhood kids dont have a clue what they missed.
You have to wonder if Billings had got the center if it would be unused now. Was there someting in the small print we missed?
Is this something he plans to market? Like in a kit or something?
Mickey Rourke would have been another twisted candidate for that role !!
I know when I looked at his beak my first thought before going outside is was where are my leather gloves !!
Have been noticing a small hawk lurking around my yard where I feed smaller birds. He is about pigeon size. Moves pretty fast so I wasnt sure until a few minutes ago. I just heard a very hard thump on + 758 more characters
I remember going to Saturday matinees at the Liberty Theater when I was a kid. I think it was a dime then for admission. Often there was an older gentelman in attendance at those showings. People refe + 1291 more characters
I watched it last night. Has a good cast and interesting plot. I never saw the original so I have no idea where this is going. Last part is on tonight,I guess. I hope it dont go the route of LOST. It + 96 more characters
Not a food critic but had an interesting oriental experience in Butte a number of years ago. I was in town over night and asked some locals for a suggestion. Their tip led me to the PEKIN NOODLE PARLO + 229 more characters
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