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Hello everyone I would like to invite the public to a free community event at Riverside Park 6/24/2023 10 a.m - 3pm. The purpose of the event is to help our local community be placed in contact with r + 170 more characters
im truly amazed at the level of ugly this post has generated. If your having trouble understanding the OP perhaps you guys should review your civics and government courses. The fact that so many of yo + 518 more characters
We are being hoodwinked by the crooks in power left right either or their desire is to control and rule us. This recent pandemic "relief" is nothing more than crumbs from the masters table. Our foundi + 731 more characters
yes we have several willing but are open to suggestions as well if someone is willing to host.
We do have the means of payment
The Libertarian candidate for House District 37 would like to debate the Republican candidate. The issue that our team is having is choosing a non bias organization to moderate said event. I feel that + 199 more characters
So if your anyone who has half a ear and been listing to the news the two old parties are at the same old same old. But what if i where to tell you that there is actually a way out of this endless nig + 1177 more characters
I would like to remind everyone as the ballots go out that this is the primary and at the moment the Libertarian candidate for office will not appear on the ballot in our area. In the general election + 740 more characters
This Year is going to be a very brutal one in terms of the erosion of freedoms and liberties if the current scene before us plays out. I whole heartedly feel that whomever is elected will screw us. Th + 825 more characters
Isnt it wonderful how the division among us is so strong? Why? You may ask. For the simple fact that this is exactly how every totalitarian style regime has come to rise. And not by my account but by + 1600 more characters
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