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The boardwalk is owned by mayor Buthch Grenz, Craig Dalakow is famiy.Sunday approximately 9pm I went outside with casino customer and caught him shooting them told him to stop or I would call the cops + 1386 more characters
Hannah google how to gid rid of pigeons humanely, plenty of options.
Seriously we at the Golden Spur have had to watch Craig Dalakow shoot, and beat the pigeons grossly with a tire iron on numerous occasions. As we all know birds are big carriers of disease but they ne + 379 more characters
Just heard the Golden Spur will be having all 3 Montana game on. Should be a great time.
is there open container for this evening in the park, anyone know?
corrupt detective work???? payoffs???
logan do you make fun of your dad? family we all know or heard of the early family.
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