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Im still looking for a team and so is my girlfriend please let us know if you need us 918-814-2673
my girlfriend and i are looking for a team to play name is matthew and her name is can reach us at 918-814-2673 or matth[email protected]
Hi all, I was wondering if there was anyone this coming spring and summer who would let me ride some horses...i used to go riding back home in Oklahoma at my friends place quite a bit and miss doing i + 41 more characters
My number is 918-814-2673
Ocne, You still going to call me just eondering since i havent heard from you and ive sent a few emails so if youd let me know thatd be great cuz i really wanna play
I would like to join a team...i just moved here back in april and would love doing can text or call 918-814-2673 matthew
where are you thinking of running just curious
So ive only been here since the last week of march and moved here from oklahoma and am wondering where in miles city are good places to fish from the shoreline or dock...or even areas around MC...than + 2 more characters
ah ok what about fishing here in miles city from the shoreline and all where are the best places in this city to catch fish
so im new to miles city only been here since where is this dike that everyone is talking about....and speaking of fishing where are the best spots to go fishing from the shore in miles city + 104 more characters
i was wondering if there is anywhere here in miles city or surrounding areas where someone could ride a horse...i dont have my own horse or anything but i love riding horses i did it some back home in + 79 more characters
thanks i appreciate it...ill look into that so im new to miles city i moved here from Tulsa Oklahoma and have only lived here since the end of march...what does this town do for july 4th events and wh + 54 more characters
Hi, I am looking for some horseshoes to use as decoration in my house because i have a western theme going on in my living room...does anyone know where i could get some? Also i have a couch that I ne + 117 more characters
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