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That's why I don't leave my bike outside... I put my my bike in my room every night I know I'm a kid and I have friends but my friends wouldn't do this.. but I have also been looking for this bike the + 110 more characters
@ JandR thanks for understanding!!! nobody else does.. and it seems that nobosy else cares
idk where the paintball course is never new we had 1 and i dont waste my time playing paintball id rather do something fun such as ride.
TO: Diesel idk why you think are bikes are stolen? go to WWW.DANSCOMP.COM me and my friends dont ride that mongoose and razor peice of junk... when you get to the website go to bikes and look at the b + 947 more characters
Me and my friends we all have wanted a bmx track for years.. all of us friends get together and go to the Honda trails by the river we started building jumps there but we all get tired of working with + 398 more characters
For all of you who think that are bikes are spray painted your a dumbass there is a website called WWW.danscomp.com go to it... that orange bike in town is an $800 bike it is a Aaron Ross pro bike it + 413 more characters
Yeah but miles city is too good for a drive in.. but now if you cruise main you get us kids in your way I have my license and I drive around town and I never have this problem.. but I like to ride my + 205 more characters
Look at the picture at the top of this website and what do you see?? The Bison! What do most of the kids in MC want? A skatepark
Hit me then its not gonna stop me from doing my tricks
Then again im on this stupid ass site trying to get something for us kids to do in this shitty ass redneck town.
Yeah so maybe instead of sitting at home on your pc you could do something in your life.. like build us a skatpark instead of talking shit on this site!!???? what im saying is if we had a park we coul + 253 more characters
And if were so rude and you people dont like us cutting you off then you dont have to like us were doing are own thing and the little kids that see us ride and they see the stunts we do are making the + 662 more characters
we didnt demand you to build us a skatpark we asked!!!!!!!!!!!1 we said we should all get together and build a skatepark and this will keep kids off of the streets and give us something to do, and bes + 587 more characters
then again if you have movable ramps like we did they can easily get taken but then if you have a park like billings that cant be taken
How about all of us get together and get a SKATEPARK? If you think about it us kids that ride in the street have nowhere else fun to ride yeah we like to do tricks cause it fun but if we always get ki + 326 more characters
It's really fun if you know how to do tricks on a bike instead of sit in your chair all day and talk crap on the kids that ride there bikes.. and if you have a problem with us riding are bike in the s + 375 more characters
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