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TJ Irish had them last year call him. 853-9865
Take it to Spotted Eagle there is a pile started for fish habitat.
It is the new Sherwin Williams store.
Bridgier that gives me an idea I could let the Spur use one of my air rifles and they could let customers shoot the birds while they have a smoke and a beer. Ben Phipps
Jeff you seem to be very angry at kids and babies and people that love them do you not have any kids of your own. I would love to try to help some of the kids you are talking. Post info on this page a + 113 more characters
Al Borden I to am sick to see the agenda of Obama for this term. Ben Phipps
Donald thanks for the info I have also been watching this and hope to see Montana join in the fight to nullify federal gun laws if Obama tries to pass any new laws. Ben Phipps
It is to bad that we have had 55 million unborn babies in the USA murdered by doctors and there own parents. But at the same time the hole country is mourning over the death of the innocent children k + 929 more characters
THE SIMPLE END TO SHOOTINGS IN SCHOOLS. Put up a large fence a lot like the ones found around many government sites or prisons with controlled access at the gate that check for weapons like they do at + 542 more characters
Mary B (Calling Joe an SOB and a DBAG.) So I was to harsh on Joe and should not have used that type of abbreviations on him. Sorry Joe I like my flood insurance. Ben Phipps
To Jimmie (So felons can have guns now.) You should Google big bore air rifles, and you will have the answer to your question. Ben Phipps
1.Thank God you are not still the worst mayor in MC history you left wing SOB. Or you would try to make your own gun laws in MC. You think you are so smart with all your big words and speeches and not + 927 more characters
Full metal jacket rounds go through what ever you shoot including a bullet proof vest so they do not sell alot to the public. They also kill the barrel of the gun faster.
No it is not safe the other night we had friends over for dinner and they started the car and when they left we seen some kid take off from the side of the car. It was to cold to give chase but i yell + 34 more characters
Train derailed and has fire and large explosions.
You are wrong they are a bunch of socialist college kids and trustfund kids that have never had to work for a liveing and do not want to start. Ben Phipps
It is a water bridge on the TY ditch about half way to 12mile. The water is going into a halfe culvert you jump in and shoot out the end into rapids very fun. But is against the law and kind of danger + 4 more characters
It is going to be ok for the 4th as long as you have reserved a camp area everything else is under water.
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