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Overall, I approve of Biden's decisions so far. No doubt the withdrawal from Afghanistan has been a chaotic mess. But, over 100,000 people have been evacuated in less than a month, both American citiz + 828 more characters
Today, the House of Representatives started their bi-partisan investigation of the January 6th attempted insurrection by Trumps domestic terrorists. I hope that all Americans take this seriously. Our + 326 more characters
This thread is from March. Now we are dealing with large increases in COVID infections in (SURPRISE!!) areas with low vaccination rates. Nearly 100% of all hospitalizations and COVID deaths are among + 608 more characters
Some more thoughts on this topic.
I agree with you. But you are talking about the federal government taking over all elections in the country. The Constitution says almost nothing about how the states should run their elections. This + 183 more characters
Now this is humorous. url
As I watch the rise of authoritarianism, nationalism, and fascism in our country. As I watch Jim Crow era anti-American voter suppression laws passing through Republican legislatures around the countr + 883 more characters
He got us. Found the one video in the last decade of a Congressional Democrat saying something remotely as stupid as the crap spewing from Republicans on a daily basis.
url You can blame Moscow Mitch for shooting down the "Election Holiday Act". Can't have too many people voting.
Mr./Ms. Bacon Lettuce Tomato. I'm curious to know what statements or opinions expressed by the "far left liberals" on this site you feel are bigoted?
I'm probably not the only one confused about the GOP's refusal to allow an independent commission to investigate the January 6th riot at the Capitol. This would be the perfect way to expose how BLM an + 536 more characters
I currently live in Colorado's 3rd district. I am represented by Lauren Boebert, a seditious, high school dropout, who completely believes and spreads the Big Lie. She gave a few of Trump's domestic t + 611 more characters
I fully expect Governor Jersey Greg to sign this bill into law. He loves wealthy non-residents, being one himself. He is always looking out for his rich buddies at the expense of average working Monta + 711 more characters
Trump and his sycophants in our government, at the local, state, and federal level, as well as Trump supporters, are hell-bent on destroying our democratic republic. The safest and most secure electio + 205 more characters
"Foxitis". Lawyers are using the fact that Fox News is so filled with lies and false information, that it is being used to defend the actions of Trump's domestic terrorists who stormed the Capitol on + 181 more characters
I'm looking forward to spending some time at Otium when I make my next visit to MC. Every community needs a quality local brewery. Heck, even Scobey has one now.
Dominion Voting Systems has filed a defamation lawsuit for $1.3 billion against former Trump lawyer Synde Powell. She was one of the most vocal Trump supporters making the ridiculous claims of voter f + 570 more characters
Or nuclear weapons. Or suggests injecting yourself with bleach to stop a covid infection.
I'm sure there are lots of pictures on Fox News or Breitbart. Do your own homework.
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