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Dominion Voting Systems has filed a defamation lawsuit for $1.3 billion against former Trump lawyer Synde Powell. She was one of the most vocal Trump supporters making the ridiculous claims of voter f + 570 more characters
Or nuclear weapons. Or suggests injecting yourself with bleach to stop a covid infection.
I'm sure there are lots of pictures on Fox News or Breitbart. Do your own homework.
I've seen pictures of the southern border. It's a direct result of the Trump administration's policy towards the countries those people have come from.
The purpose of the vaccine is twofold. First, if you are vaccinated, and get infected with COVID-19, your immune system will be able to effectively fight off infection. This will decrease the length a + 1235 more characters
Can't your read? I just explained why I don't think they are the same thing, why there is no double standard, and why you can't compare the two. You may disagree with me, but I just explained my posit + 4 more characters
I can't imagine making a moral equiveillance between protests for civil rights and an attempted fascist coup. I just don't seem them as the same thing. So, comparing the two in any context makes no se + 147 more characters
I'm going to give "redmondroughneck" the benefit of the doubt here and hope he did some research on this topic. Please provide a world wide web link to the information supporting this comment. I woul + 73 more characters
Stupid, ignorant comment. The only reason the fence around the Capitol building exists is because of the attempted insurrection by Trump terrorists on January 6th.
Why are Trump supporters so afraid of everything?
For a political party that claims to love America and Democracy, they sure do make it hard for people to vote. While the stolen election BS spewing from Trump and his sycophants in Congress has been + 411 more characters
Issued a voting access executive order to counteract the rash of un-American anit-voting laws being passed in the Republican state legislatures around the country. Because the only way Republicans can + 67 more characters
Not too hard to see what Joe has been doing if you've been paying attention even a little bit. Here are a few highlights. January 20th: Rejoins the Paris Climate Agreement, rejoins the WHO, halts fun + 5771 more characters
Completely agree. Trying to refute the constant stream of bull excrement in Jerry's posts would be a nearly full time job. You just can't reason with the people in the video below. Jerry's people. ur + 1 more characters
I'm a fan of he Lincoln Project. They resemble the traditional GOP that is being destroyed by Trump cultists. The non-Trumpism, non-Qanon, non-white nationalist, non-insurrectionist part of the GOP t + 251 more characters
What also needs to be mentioned about the current Montana Legislature are all the bills attacking public lands, access to public lands, and hunting for average Montanans. I haven't seen any bills limi + 504 more characters
The one thing that CPAC has proven without a doubt is that the Republican Party is now officially a cult. A cult that worships Donald Trump, and continues to believe all the lies and conspiracy theori + 2020 more characters
Ah yes. The old executive orders=dictator complaint. Well, Trump had 220 in 4 years. Obama had 276 in 8 years. Regan had 381 in 8 years. FDR had 3721 during the great depression and WWII. In his first + 240 more characters
No one forgot. They are not the same thing. Comparing an attempted insurrection incited by a sitting president to overturn a free and fair election and take over our national government, to protests + 592 more characters
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