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Well, that comment didn't age well! Very happy I was wrong. This may be the biggest win since the Cats broke the streak back in 2002. The Cats had a couple of key injuries on defense yesterday. Hopef + 368 more characters
It will be interesting to see what coach Vigin will do. Tommy Mellott is a great athlete, but has only attempted 4 passes this year. And Tucker Rovig has played only a quarter of football since 2019. + 9 more characters
The season has been a success overall for the Cats. You really can't complain about 9-2 with a first-round bye in the playoffs. But, I am a little concerned about the program moving forward under the + 681 more characters
The Bobcats barely squeaked out the win against Idaho yesterday, and the griz beat Northern Arizona easily. The Brawl this weekend should be a good game. The Cats are playing for the Big Sky Conferenc + 606 more characters
Thanks, Don! Very interesting. This story was never told by the family.
My great grandmother, Mary Helena(Nugent)Regan had an Uncle by the name of Joseph P. Nugent. I recently found out that he was shot and killed in January of 1918. He was a mail carrier, and at about 5: + 429 more characters
Interesting perspective. If the politicians that actively supported and encouraged an attempted insurrection against our Democratic Republic on January 6th were "just acting", then what was their moti + 381 more characters
So, let me get this straight. Moscow Mitch and the rest of the Republican party refuse to raise the debt ceiling to finance the tax cuts they passed for billionaires back in 2017. Including the rest o + 419 more characters
It would be interesting to know how many more votes Biden actually received in counties that are not Democrat-leaning. Every accusation is an admission of guilt for these Trumpers. For example, in Mes + 817 more characters
A draft report of the Maricopa County hand recount of the 2020 election by Cyber Ninjas shows that Biden actually won by more votes. There were 99 more votes found for Biden. Trump loses again. If it + 225 more characters
Shu, I'm very sorry about your family's loss. Basil was a good man. I always admired his life story of leaving Iraq and making his life in the US. I also enjoyed having him as a teacher at MCC. He wil + 12 more characters
The plan? The Gianforte pandemic plan for Montana seems to be the same as the Abbott plan in Texas and the Deathsantis plan in Florida. Let people die to score points with political supporters while c + 117 more characters
Overall, I approve of Biden's decisions so far. No doubt the withdrawal from Afghanistan has been a chaotic mess. But, over 100,000 people have been evacuated in less than a month, both American citiz + 828 more characters
Today, the House of Representatives started their bi-partisan investigation of the January 6th attempted insurrection by Trumps domestic terrorists. I hope that all Americans take this seriously. Our + 326 more characters
This thread is from March. Now we are dealing with large increases in COVID infections in (SURPRISE!!) areas with low vaccination rates. Nearly 100% of all hospitalizations and COVID deaths are among + 608 more characters
Some more thoughts on this topic.
I agree with you. But you are talking about the federal government taking over all elections in the country. The Constitution says almost nothing about how the states should run their elections. This + 183 more characters
Now this is humorous. url
As I watch the rise of authoritarianism, nationalism, and fascism in our country. As I watch Jim Crow era anti-American voter suppression laws passing through Republican legislatures around the countr + 883 more characters
He got us. Found the one video in the last decade of a Congressional Democrat saying something remotely as stupid as the crap spewing from Republicans on a daily basis.
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