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We don’t hate Trump because he beat Hillary There are many more reasons to pillory It's the treason, lies, racism, and hate I can’t believe how much McDonalds he ate Trump as president lacks any nobil + 3 more characters
All those old racist southern Democrats/Dixiecrats switched political parties years ago. There is a reason Strom Thurmon moved to the Republican party. I don't see many Democrats wanting to preserve + 369 more characters
It has recently been reported that Putin was paying a bounty to Afghan militants for the killing of American soldiers. Trump knew about this, and has done nothing. In fact, he has been trying to get R + 139 more characters
Yeah yeah. SOCIALISM BAD!! We know. "Amarica" isn't a socialist country. Well, maybe there is more socialism in this country than you think. Lets just consider Custer County. Kinsey Flats project, pu + 761 more characters
I'm sure the good citizens of Custer County would like to see more testing. Unfortunately,the President of the United States disagrees. If you don't test, the number of cases will stay low! NOT a stab + 11 more characters
Look how packed Trump's COVID-19 rally was tonight! Excellent!
Here is an excellent article explaining the current anger and resentment of many hard-working Americans. The economic policy of the last 40 years has resulted in economic desperation not seen since th + 808 more characters
Trump is not well. His rambling and incoherent pattern of speech, slurring his words, lack of balance, difficulty drinking water, along with his impulsivity and lack of attention to detail and short a + 500 more characters
Kinda reminds me of what Hitler and his brown shirts did. So some of you are Nazi's.[/quote] gunsngold? Is that you?
You missed the point. This has nothing to do with the history of racism in either political party. This has to do with Trump and his behavior during the protests and aligning with white nationalists, + 394 more characters
Trump's most recent twitterings, "when the looting starts, the shooting starts", have shown his true colors. He has demonstrated once again, during these protests and riots, how completely incapable a + 533 more characters
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Well, here we are again, three years later, after Trumps failed voter fraud committee was disbanded due to the fact that voter fraud is so exceedingly rare that it is essentially non-existent, talking + 1075 more characters
The use of hydroxychloroquine to treat COVID-19 infection actually increases your chances of dying from the disease. I'm sure Trump will call this more fake new. And there is no evidence that it preve + 90 more characters
Five posts in two weeks is hardly flooding. If the content or tone of my posts displeases you, don't read them. Criticizing the president is an American tradition. I mostly ignored the hate and vitr + 66 more characters
It is truly sad and pathetic, the lengths Trump will go, to try and distract from his massive incompetence dealing with the coronavirus pandemic. Unmasking Flynn was not a crime. The Mueller investiga + 483 more characters
I'm curious how many Trump supporters will send their checks back because they hate socialism. Because that is what the money is.
"Vladimir Putin dreams of discrediting the American democratic system, and he will never have a more reliable ally than Donald Trump. A democracy can’t defend itself if it can’t honestly describe the + 674 more characters
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