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Trump barely avoided a mass resignation from the DOJ. Thankfully, principled people resisted Trump's attacks and protected our democracy and the Consitution. And, people who think they are innocent d + 97 more characters
I have to wonder how those folks who couldn't be bothered to go vote for Hillary back in 2016 are feeling today. Now we have an extremist Supreme Court and a county where guns and corporations have mo + 304 more characters
Trump and his sycophants tried to coerce state election officials to violate state law and the Constitution and send an illegitimate slate of electors to Washington DC. Or find votes for Trump that didn't exist. The lies about a stolen election led to many threats of violence against honest civil servants doing the hard work of counting votes and maintaining the legitimacy of the election. Currently, the members of the January 6th committee are getting death threats and will need a security detail. Leave it to Trump supporters to threaten the lives of those providing facts and truth.
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Day 3
Main take away from day 3 of the January 6th Committee Hearings. Trump placed massive pressure on Vice President Pence, both privately and publicly, to illegally violate the Constitution and not cert + 237 more characters
Probably the most eye-opening part of day 2 was Bill Barr's testimony. Here are a few direct quotes: Trump "became detached from reality". "The claims of fraud were complete bull$hit". Trump is doing + 440 more characters
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The main takeaway from day 2 of the January 6th Committee Hearings. Trump knew that he lost. Every one of his advisors, including Bill Barr, told him he lost the election. Yet, he continues to deceiv + 128 more characters
Since Fox News refuses to air the January 6th Committee hearings, I have posted the full hearing from youtube. I have a question for Trump supporters. Do you think it's okay for a sitting President t + 361 more characters
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Bridgier. I received the same flier. Then, on any Facebook post from Jersey Greg, all I hear about is the "out of state libs ruining Montana", jacking up housing costs etc...Even Republicans from oth + 351 more characters
Trump, and so many Republicans were, and are enamored with Putin, because he's not woke. Nope, not "woke", just a war criminal.
Putin loving wing of the Trumplican party. How quickly they forget.
DJanssen. What is your definition of a man? Of a women? Do you think the those definitions should be decided by politicians and made into a law and decided by the courts? Why are you and Republicans s + 393 more characters
One of these persons has the temperament and credentials to be a Supreme Court Justice, and one does not. One of them answered calmly and with massive amounts of tolerance, the questions posed to them + 435 more characters
Between the Putin-loving wing of the Republican party and their fascist, nationalistic, right-wing state media, the Republicans will soon be on the attack. url "Many Republican base voters are dictato + 324 more characters
Back in 2008 when that simpleton Shrub junior was in the Whitehouse, and gas prices hit all-time record highs, I didn't blame him. I will always blame the oil companies for gas prices. If this county + 302 more characters
url "Proudly Ignorant. Deliberately Stupid. Ragin violent hate. Open racism, white nationalists, jingoism, shallow brainless patriotism. They are gun humping conspiracy nuts who embrace sedition, i + 1305 more characters
Did you read the article? I went back and read the article a second time and I came to the realization that American Conservatism has never been anything close to what the author aspires it to be. At + 383 more characters
Excellent article well worth the read. url "Trumpian Republicanism plunders, degrades, and erodes institutions for the sake of personal aggrandizement. The Trumpian cause is held together by hatred of + 769 more characters
I graduated in 1992. I viewed the wrestlers as a bunch of fanatics. Running around the high school, trying to make weight, spitting into the water fountains. It seemed crazy to me. I couldn't understa + 472 more characters
Well, that comment didn't age well! Very happy I was wrong. This may be the biggest win since the Cats broke the streak back in 2002. The Cats had a couple of key injuries on defense yesterday. Hopef + 368 more characters
It will be interesting to see what coach Vigin will do. Tommy Mellott is a great athlete, but has only attempted 4 passes this year. And Tucker Rovig has played only a quarter of football since 2019. + 9 more characters
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