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The following two articles are a concise and thorough explanation of what has transpired during Trump's interactions with Ukraine and the subsequent cover-up leading to his impeachment. url url All yo + 922 more characters
The U.S Government Accountability Office, an independent, nonpartisan agency that works for Congress, often called the "congressional watchdog", (obviously part of the deep state) found that the White + 624 more characters
Is "Leningrad" Lindsey the worst Trump stooge in the Senate? Maybe even worse than "Moscow" Mitch.
Montana is a special place. The outdoor opportunities in Montana, more than any other reason, makes Montana special. Having lived in Montana for most of my life, and Colorado for the last decade, I ca + 1388 more characters
I wonder how many Trump supporters believe this stuff. I bet it's(un)surprisingly high. url
But here's the issue. Republicans in general, and rabid Trump supporters in particular, DON'T CARE! They don't see what Trump has done as an impeachable offense. They don't believe the testimony of th + 1031 more characters
The latest information on the transmission of CWD to humans: url "To date, there is no strong evidence for the occurrence of CWD in people, and it is not known if people can get infected with CWD prio + 288 more characters
Going into the game yesterday, the Cats were about a touchdown underdog at home. Based on what I had seen from the Bobcats in Greeley a couple of weeks ago and the griz dismantling Weber at home, I th + 1116 more characters
I'm not an MSNBC watcher, but this clip caught my attention. I wish more news organizations would fact check Trump in real-time. In the era of fake news/state media organizations like Fox News, it's i + 217 more characters
Ignoring the staggering level of stupidity and ignorance shown by Trump in the whole hurricane Dorian hitting Alabama debacle, it has made for some great comedy. Enjoy!
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With Trumps refusal to admit that Russia interfered in the 2016 election on his behalf, or take steps to prevent the same thing happening in 2020, the cartoon above illustrates essentially what has ha + 27 more characters
Yes!! Let's do it. Put it all out on the table for everyone to see. Release the full Mueller report, grand jury testimony, Trump's tax returns, go after Hillary for the 100th time! Maybe the GOP will + 189 more characters
The hold-up is Barrs refusal to comply with a subpoena to appear before the house judiciary committee and release the full unredacted version of the Mueller report to the committee. Too much informati + 1219 more characters
url "Depending on how you count, roughly a dozen separate instances of obstruction of justice are contained in the Mueller report. The president dangled pardons in front of witnesses to encourage them + 803 more characters
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