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Thankfully, Bill Maher's prediction was mostly wrong. The "Red Wave" fizzled and was more of a red ripple. Not only did the Republicans have a historically poor showing, but Democrats will most likely + 920 more characters
Our Democracy is truly on the ballot in this election. Bill Maher sums it up pretty well this week on his show. The slow descent into theocratic authoritarianism continues.
The committee voted to subpoena Trump. He won't show up, he is too busy trying to defend himself again an obvious violation of the Espionage Act. I would love to see Trump testify. What a nightmare f + 135 more characters
The Republicans will most likely take control of the House of Representatives this November. So I fully expect them to impeach President Biden. But, for the life of me I can't think of any high crimes + 641 more characters
I'm surprised Trump could find Mar-a-Lago on a map.
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I disagree with Liz Cheney on every single issue. Except Trump's attempted coup and the January 6th select committee hearings. I'm not sad she lost, but not happy either. She is a boilerplate, corpor + 1710 more characters
Yes, they might find a way. But why do Republicans insist on making it as easy as possible for the "deranged" to commit mass murder? It's almost like they don't care. Not really a pro-life attitude. + 75 more characters
John Stewart perfectly calls out the disingenuous lying POS Republicans. Notice the fist pump with Steve Daines at the end. And, please thank Jon Tester for working so hard to support veterans.
I wonder what lame excuses they will make for voting against this bill. The budget deficit, national debt, "unrelated spending"? I came to the conclusion long ago that most Republicans in Congress are + 146 more characters
What a coward. If he had any principles at all, even the insurrectionist/traitorous kind, he would have joined the mob.
“Whatever your politics, whatever you think about the outcome of the election, we as Americans must all agree on this: Donald Trump’s conduct on Jan. 6 was a supreme violation of this oath of office + 381 more characters
url "What’s becoming clearer over time is that the Trump-era GOP is hoping to use its electoral dominance of the red states, the small-state bias in the Electoral College and the Senate, and the GOP-a + 1073 more characters
Trump, the orange man baby has had numerous food tantrums. He wanted to allow protesters armed with firearms into the Capitol and turn off the metal detectors. He physically attacked his own secret + 242 more characters
Trump barely avoided a mass resignation from the DOJ. Thankfully, principled people resisted Trump's attacks and protected our democracy and the Consitution. And, people who think they are innocent d + 97 more characters
I have to wonder how those folks who couldn't be bothered to go vote for Hillary back in 2016 are feeling today. Now we have an extremist Supreme Court and a county where guns and corporations have mo + 304 more characters
Trump and his sycophants tried to coerce state election officials to violate state law and the Constitution and send an illegitimate slate of electors to Washington DC. Or find votes for Trump that didn't exist. The lies about a stolen election led to many threats of violence against honest civil servants doing the hard work of counting votes and maintaining the legitimacy of the election. Currently, the members of the January 6th committee are getting death threats and will need a security detail. Leave it to Trump supporters to threaten the lives of those providing facts and truth.
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Day 3
Main take away from day 3 of the January 6th Committee Hearings. Trump placed massive pressure on Vice President Pence, both privately and publicly, to illegally violate the Constitution and not cert + 237 more characters
Probably the most eye-opening part of day 2 was Bill Barr's testimony. Here are a few direct quotes: Trump "became detached from reality". "The claims of fraud were complete bull$hit". Trump is doing + 440 more characters
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The main takeaway from day 2 of the January 6th Committee Hearings. Trump knew that he lost. Every one of his advisors, including Bill Barr, told him he lost the election. Yet, he continues to deceiv + 128 more characters
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