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I bought the book "The Life and Legend of Turkey Pete". Amorette got a thank you for contributing to the research. url Joseph Nugent was my Great Grandmother's brother, not her Uncle. Paul Eitner, aka + 865 more characters
Sarcasm doesn't translate well over the internets. I should have included one of these.
This bill would make it a crime to donate blood if you have received the COVID vaccine. It would also make it a crime to knowingly administer, use, receive, ship, or transfer blood products that may c + 424 more characters
OR.....John Durham and Bill Barr are part of the "deep state" and are involved in the conspiracy against Trump!!
Special Counsel John Durham was appointed by Bill Barr to investigate the investigation by the FBI into possible collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia to interfere in the 2016 election. The + 1592 more characters
Iron Maiden: Classic heavy metal band. Soundgarden: RIP Chris Cornell. The best vocalist of his generation. I was lucky enough to see him at Red Rocks a couple of years before he died. Rage Against th + 183 more characters
Trump Jr. said the same thing. Start shooting at the balloons. But, at 60,000 ft elevation, it just proves how stupid he is, along with anyone who believes any bullet from any rifle can reach over 11 + 302 more characters
The debt ceiling was passed three times during the Trump years without a peep from the Republicans. Now, when the bills come due from the debt racked up during the last few years to pay for Trump's ta + 1211 more characters
And another point I want to make. The investigation into Trump's documents was going on for almost 2 years. No one knew about this until the FBI search in August. The first set of Biden's documents wa + 767 more characters
Nice revisionist history. Let us compare the two situations. Trump had the authority to declassify the over 300 classified documents found at his roach motel in Mar-a-Lago before he lost a free and f + 2125 more characters
Full stop right there. You can take your border, economic, and inflation BS and cram it up your anal sphincter. NOTHING MATTERS EXCEPT THE PRESERVATION OF OUR DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC. Two years ago, a mo + 316 more characters
This would be great, but it won't happen. Most Republican Congress People are afraid of their constituents. They are afraid that they and their families will be targeted with violence by the extremis + 144 more characters
The debacle that is currently taking place in the House of Representatives is a perfect metaphor for the Republican party over the last couple of decades. A political party held hostage by a small gro + 304 more characters
Form a committee of election denying, insurrection supporting lunatics in the House of Representatives to investigate the January 6th Select Committee.
The final day of the January 6th investigation. With all of the facts, evidence, and under-oath testimony from the witnesses, the committee has made a criminal referral to the DOJ to prosecute traito + 1557 more characters
Thankfully, Bill Maher's prediction was mostly wrong. The "Red Wave" fizzled and was more of a red ripple. Not only did the Republicans have a historically poor showing, but Democrats will most likely + 920 more characters
Our Democracy is truly on the ballot in this election. Bill Maher sums it up pretty well this week on his show. The slow descent into theocratic authoritarianism continues.
The committee voted to subpoena Trump. He won't show up, he is too busy trying to defend himself again an obvious violation of the Espionage Act. I would love to see Trump testify. What a nightmare f + 135 more characters
The Republicans will most likely take control of the House of Representatives this November. So I fully expect them to impeach President Biden. But, for the life of me I can't think of any high crimes + 641 more characters
I'm surprised Trump could find Mar-a-Lago on a map.
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