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Not only Jared and the billions he received from the Saudis, I would also like to know more about the Chinese trademarks granted to Ivanka while she was working in the Whitehouse. And also the hidden + 828 more characters
A new COVID variant has recently been detected. SARS CoV-2 Sublineage BA.2.86. This one is more contagious than all previous variants, but the disease is not any more severe. Total COVID deaths in th + 103 more characters
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The Republican solution to the high property taxes will be a sales tax. This is what Jersey Greg has always wanted. Down here in Colorado, we are dealing with a similar situation. But the Democratic-r + 1250 more characters
Holy Cow. The whining and complaining from the MAGA Trumpers about how easy Hunter got off for all the crimes is astounding. Lots of GOP weeping about there being some sort of two-tiered justice syste + 548 more characters
Finally!! After 5 years of laptop nonsense and conspiracy theories, Hunter Biden is convicted of tax fraud and gun charges. Justice served. President Biden allowed the federal prosecutor assigned by T + 150 more characters
Sniveling, spinless weasel Kevin McCarthy is afraid of the "freedom" caucus and won't negotiate in good faith. [Edited by tom regan (5/23/2023 12:01:55 PM)]
It's so screwed up. Trump's 2017 tax cuts for the wealthy and corporations are a major contributor to the 25% of the national debt incurred under Trump. But the Republican's want to cut funding for ju + 358 more characters
If you still believe anything on the Fox (propaganda)News Network, OAN, or Newsmax, do better. You have been completely gaslighted. Dominion has pending lawsuits against OAN and Newsmax that will als + 373 more characters
This thread seems like as good a place as any to try and start this conversion. And I hope that those of you more versed in history than I will contribute. I haven't searched to see if there is a past + 1379 more characters
Numerous book banning bills in MAGA controlled state legislatures. And not just controversial books about gender identity. Books about the history of race and the fight for civil rights. You know who + 2507 more characters
"respect your peers". I've always been under the impression that respect is earned. The fact that Greg submitted this bill is all I need to know. No respect earned or deserved.
I bought the book "The Life and Legend of Turkey Pete". Amorette got a thank you for contributing to the research. url Joseph Nugent was my Great Grandmother's brother, not her Uncle. Paul Eitner, aka + 865 more characters
Sarcasm doesn't translate well over the internets. I should have included one of these.
This bill would make it a crime to donate blood if you have received the COVID vaccine. It would also make it a crime to knowingly administer, use, receive, ship, or transfer blood products that may c + 424 more characters
OR.....John Durham and Bill Barr are part of the "deep state" and are involved in the conspiracy against Trump!!
Special Counsel John Durham was appointed by Bill Barr to investigate the investigation by the FBI into possible collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia to interfere in the 2016 election. The + 1592 more characters
Iron Maiden: Classic heavy metal band. Soundgarden: RIP Chris Cornell. The best vocalist of his generation. I was lucky enough to see him at Red Rocks a couple of years before he died. Rage Against th + 183 more characters
Trump Jr. said the same thing. Start shooting at the balloons. But, at 60,000 ft elevation, it just proves how stupid he is, along with anyone who believes any bullet from any rifle can reach over 11 + 302 more characters
The debt ceiling was passed three times during the Trump years without a peep from the Republicans. Now, when the bills come due from the debt racked up during the last few years to pay for Trump's ta + 1211 more characters
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