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What they hey, Lady???
Whom from Circle would harbor such an animal abandoner? Call or text me, please- 351-9278. They prob aren't aware of the animals' condition!?
So- I'm kinda thinking the person that started this post is wondering where the hell all the $ went that was supposed to go into building a pool (much less indoor) in Miles City??? I would also like s + 13 more characters
Mr. B. Boatley- I am really NOT interested in your cars, underwear or any of your other "treasures". I do think maybe you should post this in the Classified Ads? You may have better luck selling your + 214 more characters
Dunno? We had the radio on and nodda???
Well, they sure didn't bring me a cold beer!?
Ummmmm- nodda on the radio???
Any clue why??? My Mom is heading this way from Hardin and I would really LOVE to hear from her... Any ideas would be beneficial! Thanks!
cp1- I just thank you for being so giving for this family in need! I'm sure other posts on the website have discouraged you as much as they have me!? I am not the family in need at this + 78 more characters
I still have sippy cups and a Bumbo? I just found a shopping cart cover thing for the baby- I just kinda want to know if they still need such a thing, or if I'm just wasting my time???
I have pondered upon that myself.... Is it safe to leave a car door unlocked or keys in your car for 10 minutes now???
I would love to help them out- but I mainly have just boys stuff. I do have some sippy cups, a Bumbo and little things they may want/need? Just let me know. Call or text 351-9278.
Their Mochas are PRICELESS!
Maybe contact Rosa Neese at the Star? I would hope she could find some sort of support for your husband? So sorry to hear of that damned disease "getting" anyone! Thoughts to you...
The eclipse???
It's so nice to live in a town where you "shouldn't have to worry" about being "tricked" on a kid's Halloween! Hope everyone had a good time, we sure did
The best I can attribute to LaciLou is- THAT GIRL KNOWS HOW TO SPELL! That's the bs that gets me on here- anyone can (and does) put ANYONE ELSE down- yet they can't even SPELL their own posts correctl + 164 more characters
LaciLou, I felt the EXACT same way when I was pregnant! I did finally get a job at little 'ol McDonald's. They let me work the hours I wanted and totally understood when I had to go on early maternity + 23 more characters
To add fury to bs fire- I KNOW Diane is ABSOLUTELY EXCELLENT to her animals! I drive by there AT LEAST twice a week!(No, I'm not a snoop,) yet, NONE are skinny, under-fed, under-watered, left out in n + 64 more characters
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Everyone's posts were "fun to read" yet, did anyone think of the stolen vehicles in Eastern MT lately??? It sure could be a result of that too? Just a thought?
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