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Nothing is more annoying than a good example.
I am currently down range, am an officer, and person of faith. My thought processes is that this shouldn't have happened. All Soldiers, Sailors, Airman, and Marines fall under what is known as "Gener + 1202 more characters
What about oysters from the Rocky Mountains?
Aside looking out for other(s) observances/practices during the holiday season, don't forget to be tolerant of observances of the death of a Imam. Remember celebratory gunfire, children wanting to be + 820 more characters
al-Sadir made that announcement a few months ago.
War Zone Vets Face New 15-Month Tours ABC News Travels with General Visiting Troops Set for Long Redeployment By KIRIT RADIA and JONATHAN KARL Aug. 4, 2007 For most soldiers these days, when you're no + 3149 more characters
"Nuke Gay Whales For Jesus"
Military Pay rates National Poverty Level To qualify for food stamps yo + 428 more characters
How bout them Fighting Saints of Carroll College...been number one for a few years now...4
Growing up in Southeastern MT, my memories of the area are somewhat comforting now that I am not too close to West Dakota. The cottonwood trees and the abundance of cotton floating around and having + 486 more characters
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