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url The men in the photo are identified at this site?
Thank You. Kathy
A soap customer of mine from ND has asked me if I can locate an owner or breeder of Border Collies in this area. He apparently had heard that Natalie Burrows might have these dogs for sale, but he was + 169 more characters
We received a soap order yesterday from New York. Along with the order the buyer posed this question about Miles City and area history. I told him I didn't have the answer, but I thought I might know + 516 more characters
Until a few weeks ago we hadn't been to the Iron Horse in about a year. We are so impressed with everything we have tried there that it is now our new favorite. I am always looking for excuses to go ( + 122 more characters
Thank you. I was afraid my grandson had missed signup, and he is anxious to learn how to drive. Kathy
Could someone please tell me when Driver's Training for CCDHS students begins, and who I might contact for more information. Thank you, Kathy Beauchot [email protected]
I received an email a couple of days ago asking about a photographer who had a photo of Kinsey Bridge in his collection. This man was apparently one of the vendors in the park during the Bucking Horse + 158 more characters
Is the Nancy Brooks you are seeking Ron's sister? I believe that she is a nurse and she lives in France. A few years ago I exchanged emails with her a few times, but I no longer have that address.
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