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Jeri, What's so good news about the story. All it says is they would dispose of the cattle. "The agency would help producers dispose of livestock carcasses, replace destroyed fencing and rebuild shelt + 294 more characters
Really Gunnar? These people are hurt and are in need of help. I'll pitch in
Maybe they purchased a advertisement link on it. But they are paying too much for how it looks.
Week two without Cowboy Football......life sucks. Boy I love Friday Night Lights. Just wanted to say thanks boys for another great season.
Congrdulations to the team on their homecoming victory!
Any score?
Does any body have score from tonightes game?
Oh ya Brian...thanks so much for your input.. You really need to be in radio sports, you are so much better than KATL and KYUS radio... Thanks Father of Cowboy Football that does not live in MC
Last year us cowboy fans had someone listing stats and predictions. Not this year? I really enjoyed reading them.
I didn't have have a problem transferring files. I know I Cloud can do that...I just wanted them to pair with bluetooth...
I did not know that.. Thank you
I can't get my iphone 4 and ipad 2, to discover each other. Anyone have any ideas to help me or has anyone had problems like this?
Yes he is handicapped.......in the head!
I like it longer cause it easier to roll. Oh that weed, never mind.
That's strange cause I don't. My computer is just fine.
Here is another web site you can get free tv. Works good on computer at work. url
Larry, Please dont gag Milescity. Its funny as hell to ready his dumbass posts. We all know he is a idiot, and is only playing with 10 cards from the deck.
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