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Haha I love this.
Just because the score was 41-0 doesn't mean the defense was a failure, the offense could attempt to score and give them a break. I don't appreciate patronizing tone of the Sidney's offensive stats we + 160 more characters
Do we have any defensive stats.
Cant wait till he becomes president.
I'm not saying they are all idiots, I'm saying the idiots that don't belong there. They were cutting grass last year and now they are a professional semi driver even though they barely know what they + 123 more characters
I knew him, it's sad another person has to die due to these idiotic oilfield drivers. I hope this son of a bitch gets the book thrown at him.
Haha oh Dick "Richard" i feel sorry for you. You are on every post always arguing, constantly needing to be right. Being you sure must be miserable.
If you are not inclined to then why must all of you constantly question it. There is a god, there is no god. Who cares believe what you want and live and let live. I for one don't give a damn, libera + 100 more characters
The only jersey sales the team keeps are the ones it sells at its own arena, all other sales get divided by the 32 teams.
We just had a baby and Dr. Cook made the whole experience amazing.
Public health gives out dental vouchers and is always very helpfull.
Haha everything that's going on with politics and our national debt and songs on the radio is what we are concerned with. If you don't like it shut the damn radio off.
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