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Woohooo! Thanks to KATL for broadcasting this game so that I could listen to all the action while watching my son at the divisional track meet!!!!
The Miles City Public Schools site is: url
The correct site for the Violent and Sexual Offender Registry search is: url
Miles City Youth Baseball is still alive. The sites are url and [deleted - Facebook links don't count for the web directory]. Ridgeday Kennels is no longer so can be removed.
We have Century Link and have no complaints. url
What is the age minimum for this event?
Denise, you are right. When I looked back I also found several articles from this last year. I think my memory was taking me back to the first couple of years when softball started and there was littl + 208 more characters
While on the subject, what is the policy for the Star's coverage of high school sports? Is it up to Josh to attend and take down info for articles or do stats/info have to be provided to the Star in o + 208 more characters
Here is the baseball programs website. There are schedules and contact info on there. url
I strongly recommend a visit to Makoshika State Park. It is just outside of Glendive (an hour away from Miles City) and has some great hiking trails, dino fossil areas, etc. Would be great for kids th + 294 more characters
I would second the recommendation of Dr. Kovacs. He travels to MC frequently for appts and has been great with both of our kids.
The MC 7th graders did not play Colstrip. Only the 8th grade MC team played.
Unfortunately, news of local sports in the local media is less than mediocre, for sure. There are a lot of summer sports going on, but from what I have been told, it is pretty much up to those sports' + 687 more characters
Make sure everyone makes it down to the MCC Centra (in the gymnasium) on Saturday, June 9, 2012, at 9:00 am for the 2nd annual Pio-Strength Strongman Competition. This year's event is even bigger and + 644 more characters
Do the grades for this camp refer to "coming out of" grades (2011-2012 school year) or "going into" grades (2012-2013 school year)?
Congrats, Alex, on winning the 800 at the State meet for two years in a row!! Definitely wish we could have been there to see it!!
I'm a proud cousin, as well! Way to go, Alex!!!
There were five events: Log Press Tub Stack (Vitalix tubs donated by Murdochs - 250 lbs a piece) Tire Flip (600 pound tractor tire) Carry and Drag Bus Pull (23,000 pound Pioneer bus) All events were s + 639 more characters
1st - Joe Feathers (24 points) 2nd - Dan Davis (21 points) 3rd - Sid Fisher (8 points) 4th - Nick Love (5 points) 5th - James Love (4 points) (I hope i got Nick and James in the right order. I'm going + 374 more characters
To the top! This event is coming up this Sunday! 9:00 am in the Centra parking lot. It should be a great time! There are even still some openings for contestants, so if you're a strong guy, give Dan a + 92 more characters
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