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Bump because I like to use the link you have. Thank you so much☺
I always felt that Senator McCain had more to tell us and he certainly did. His book that he was writing that came out following his death, "The Restless Wave" Good Times, Just Causes, Great Fights, a + 519 more characters
St. Vincent de Paul may take them and often they give magazines away. Worth a try☺
Now it is being used to Blackmail Votes for Medicaid Expansion renewal. Either or. We will find out on Monday whether or not 98K people will be losing healthcare. Moral versus Money. The Colstrip issu + 43 more characters
It looks like you can apply for a Birth Certificate on the following website: url
I am open for suggestions in regard to this: In 2018, Montana Magazine shut their doors one day. I had a 3 year subscription, so I received a nice letter saying that they would be sending me a refund. + 861 more characters
Interesting article, Hal. One thing, though, I went to school in Cut Bank in the 40's and early 50's and we did have a black man who lived and worked there. My only memories of him was seeing him and + 62 more characters
I just want to say that John McCain's new book, "The Restless Wave" is such an excellent read. He has a Chapter he calls, "Nyet" which is Russian slang for "NO". Under "Nyet" he stated "Know Thine En + 102 more characters
The Post Office was open today. We mailed a package and had mail. Also, Joe picked up the paper this morning. We did hear that but maybe further East?
Great to know that it is the year of the Pig. Boy, Jobie has a fine set of very white teeth. "Oink, Oink" He gets such great care☺
Hal, Such great information. I have a Lootable Convenience Store across the alley but boy, I also like the basement idea☺ Thank you for such a caring article.
Thank you. Just excellent. Well worth the watch.
The article says that the fence is in front of all of the homes. Maybe, Mr. Trump meant 10' long. But then, the Former First Lady did say..."When they go low, we go High"☺
President Obama's home in DC is actually quite nice looking. I like their iron fence design better than ours. url
Great article. Thank you, Hal. It has been very obvious for quite a while, don't you think?
This article reminded me of the Sales Tax Discussion. What can happen if the Sales Tax collection is too low: url
Richard Bonine, As a reader, I think you would be interested in the book, "Climate Justice" by Mary Robinson who is the former President of Ireland. So interesting and sadly makes me realize even more + 303 more characters
Other than SD State, it looks like the Cats were not the only ones with a big loss when playing the Bison. I watched and listened to the radio and they mentioned that some of the Bison were bigger tha + 1240 more characters
Happy Thanksgiving to One and All☺ On to Christmas!!!
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