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Thank you. This is a very interesting read. I thought the words "Clown Show" said a lot in that it certainly caused many elected officials to deny their "Oath of Office." AG Barr is also mentioned in + 187 more characters
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Bump. They are getting so big.
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Bump .....
Dick, You are right. Enlighten is the wrong word. I should have said Educated as the more you find out about it, the more you trust the Epidemiologists' advise. We are hearing the advise and as you po + 561 more characters
Regarding George Soros: George Soros wrote an Op-Ed for the Wall Street Journal about the dangers of investing in a company that would still be controlled by Putin's Government. Rasneft Oil". It has b + 30 more characters
Curious about what we are facing, I read "Spillover" (2012) by David Quammen of Bozeman and followed that with "The Coming Plague" (1994) By Laurie Garrett who I see periodically on MSNBC. I really th + 1646 more characters
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Just watching them and only one in the nest and an Adult it looks like with the other two on branches below. Fun to watch and want to bump this up.
Just something about it. It was so nice to see.
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Just a bump to the top.
url PAGE 647 Information about the Bank of Miles City.
Suggested reading: "The Immoral Majority"..Author Ben Howe. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.
Maybe someone can use this information so.... both the Cat and Griz games are at one p.m. tomorrow, Sat., on ESPN 3. If you don't know the following and are interested in watching the game, check this + 484 more characters
Thank you so much. Made me feel wistful
Tonight, Friday Sept. 13th...and, right now, 7:10 p.m....the Cowboys are playing the Laurel team on SWX, Channel 586 if you have it. Just sharing Go Cowboys!!!
I would just like to thank Tom Masa for providing this link to the Eagle Nest. It has been so enjoyable and I know my Great Grandkids have just loved it too. Nice of you, Tom Masa...thank you.
Disregard my concern. He/she is home tonight sitting on a branch. Thank heavens. Really big. Sorry.
Lucky if you have that policy, David. I just watched a segment about the "Cascadia Fault" that runs all the way up the coast line into BC.
Last night I checked the nest and it was empty and the "Elder" Eagle was sitting on a branch nearby and seemed concerned. Just my thought as I don't really know but, just now looked again and no birds + 122 more characters
Is the baby ever getting big.
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