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Your black hero kid was on top of Zimmerman. Why was he doing that? How many of you here , admit it at least to yourself--had a black person who was older shot a young athletic white punk who was bea + 962 more characters
I think some dispatcher should tell you get the picture. I worked as a dispatcher for a trucking company bob. I am telling you to STAND DOWN on your posts here until you smarten up. I + 305 more characters
I saw a pig with twin tails once. I guess paint it silver and it would look a bit like a P-38 too.
Hhhhmmmnnn. Was it a 2-man or a single seat aircraft? Most of the military planes that were lost were on landing I think. Most likely a single seater I would imagine. A friend of mine bid on a lot of + 513 more characters
Now wouldn`t that jury of women convicted Zimmerman of something had he been guilty? The prosecution could not even get him convicted of jaywalking on the way home from church. Now why is that? I do n + 184 more characters
Sorry Hannah but it was already pointed out by a helpful little soul of my typing mistake concerning the spelling of your name. A person with excellent ideas until questions are asked, This journey. + 3118 more characters
`ya know Richard You get sooo much soooo wrong it is finally good to see you get something right. The spelling of Hanna`s name......
Why did these white kids not have money for decent seats? Did they have to sneak in? Is the score even? Is that fair? Perhaps South Africa is a good example of fair. Who aquired the boxes they are st + 180 more characters
Hanna , I just reread your post and am laughing here. Let me explain something to you. "fair" is a place where you take your prize hog in the fall to be judged.
Is there a zombie law also?
It is common when using numbers in the size we are talking here to round the numbers. Thsre would be an awful lot of 9s. They also could just be talking about the last 1000 years or so also.
The important thing to remember here is ,and it is an important lesson ,that you do not need to own or possess a handgun. The police are here to protect you. In this case , the police got there in tim + 56 more characters
If Zimmerman did not have a handgun , he would have had one less thing to worry about and would have had two hands free as Martin did and may have been better able to defend himself. Who could have pr + 311 more characters
He looks like that whiny senator from back east that ran for president a few years back.
"They,unlike Jewish people committed crimes.... Can`t call that statement racist.Not even. Nope. Sorry if I didn`t get it word for wordperfect. What color should the stars be? Shouldn`t the stars b + 42 more characters
I have a dog. His name is Topher. He is only a pup , at 11 months , but he does all the normal doggy tricks with verbal commands ect. and also obeys hand only commands to sit , shuddup , lay down , go + 100 more characters
Perhaps Jobie could volunteer for a BBQ in keeping the volunteering in the family.
He can`t get pinched out of the gate and hopefully God will give him blindingly fast speed. They are going to try to take him to the front out of the gate. I do not see Orb winning this one , the KD w + 127 more characters
Even if you do not get it in by 5:30 or whenever you said the mail goes out---well , some places it may have missed the mail truck but it still gets postmarked with that date , which can be important + 59 more characters
Seems to me that ANY US Marine Officer is a real man Mathew. Perhaps a trip to a VFW or two mouthing off like you did above about Marines might learn you up a lesson you got acomin.
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