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you should post to facebook, but with the privacy setting on 'public', so it can get around. sorry i can't help elsewise! hope things are better!
been seeing way too many names of people I know (or rather, knew!) looks like time passes and takes us all along with it. condolences to us all, so many left too soon! just wanted to put in a few memo + 203 more characters
Yeah, I can remember my personal 4th grade fight to be able to wear slacks or shorts to school, with Mrs. Webster who tried to stick me into the 'cute little girls wear skirts, or even miniskirts'ster + 661 more characters
Unfortunately, you're right. What was once a luxury (see 'luxury tax' on it) has become a daily necessity just to be able to get to work, school, obtain survival article s like food, clothing, etc.
At least that wouldn't be taxable, since mostly the high price has to do with what goes into tax rendering... 'rendering' as in lard, which "I ain't got 'nuff of" :[
Try asking this group, they got a lot of info on just about everything that happpened. If no one anwers with the exact info, they'll surely tell you where to find it. Just ask amorette. Montana_Histor + 17 more characters
you don't know how good you got it over there in the states! In Italy, gas prices go around $1 dollar per ....... LITRE! Of course, cars aren't such gas guzzlers, but, weeeellll.... And the price on + 73 more characters
now that I think of it, I remember you, too, and some of the talk programs you ran really got Mom hyped up, sometimes. positively, if I recollect correct. Sorry about that news, which, of course, I di + 46 more characters
Does anybody remember when the Jim (?) signed off the radio station at the end of the night (evening, 11:00PM or so) with the integral version of that song Madonna sang a couple of years ago without e + 429 more characters
Odd how I grew up not even knowing there could be something different from 'the Repubblican way of life'. ...then I went to college, and from there, abroad.... What a wake up!
colors glowing cold northern lights celestial frame sparkling crystal sun (pronounce 'spark-ling'...not sparkeling...) radiant crystals I always enjoyed a chained haiku, but when I introduced it to a + 146 more characters
petal bending down heads bowed to winters power promised future hues. (Couldn't resist finishing this myself....sorry.) colors glowing cold
Doesn't that make you just sorta ask yourself, 'If that could happen to a simple weather reporting system, then what if...?'......
poor smiles warped and numb backs turned from the blazing sun arid thirst chars throats petal bending down
I believe in smiles, contagious wrinkle-around-the-eyes know-the-world-will-glimmer smiles, happy-I am-so-may-you-so-be smiles, hello person-in-my world smiles, silent accomplice or noisy and chucklin + 182 more characters
so right! a smile and a friendly nod still follow me along the road, altho' I sometimes have to work hard to control the impulse, 'cause in some European towns, it's a 'friendly comeon' offer, 'cause + 52 more characters
All this is making me really feel out and old. My last memories of good ol' MC wer around the end of the 70's, about the time Haynes Avenue STARTED developing, things and places and people you are all + 926 more characters
Would it be possible to get that postage-on-arrival overseas, like in Italy?
AW, C'MON. The Beverly Hillbillies can't be THAT far off in time! Does this mean we're getting - GASP!- ooolldd???????
Love to open a nice Italian restaurant, after living 20 yrs. in Italy and getting all those nice, 'original' Mediterranean family recipes from neighbours and friends made over here. Big problem is buc + 390 more characters
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