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I know Satchel Paige played for a semi-pro team in Bismarck, ND in the mid-30's. I'm not sure if the person you are researching played with him then. I would check the references located at the end of + 74 more characters
I don't see any email regarding the show. Try going direct to [email protected].
Do you want posed shots or candid action photos? Is this a paid gig?
I didn't Photoshop the spelling mistake. I first saw it by the fairgrounds in Miles City 2 years ago and it hadn't been fixed last summer when I took this picture. I did email the station in 2010 and + 96 more characters
How many have noticed this sign by the fairgrounds over the last couple of years?
There's another reason for the amount of drilling in North Dakota at this time...expiring leases. Many of them were signed 3 to 5 years ago and are going to have to be renewed if the companies want to + 491 more characters
The network will be on pins and needles to make sure there are no wardrobe malfunctions during Madonna's halftime show!
This point was made early in the thread and I apologize if someone else has already researched it and posted what they found. Due to the sheer number of posts, I may have missed the reply. I first ch + 820 more characters
Years ago I remember listening to road closures on KFYR in Bismarck and the news director, Mary Marshall, who was usually pretty good, had a devil of a time when she got to Montana Highway 7 which was + 386 more characters
I'd like to see more E85 stations around. I just came back from a trip to Bismarck and we bought E30 for $3.39 a gallon. E85 was $2.49 a gallon. My Chevy Impala is a FlexFuel vehicle and ran nicely on + 71 more characters
I know there are a few on here who enjoy bacon flavored anything. Here are step by step instructions for bacon flavoring your whiskey: url
I thought it was some sort of Web 3.0 app.
I had meatloaf tonight, but it was made extra special with a mixture of zucchini, onions and mushrooms all sliced up and sautéed in butter with a little salt & pepper!
Is the movie preceded by the first annual Quidditch tournament?
I wish I would have had a camera one day when I was visiting Wolf Point. The city animal control pickup was parked in front of the Chinese restaurant. The only funnier parking spot would have been the + 19 more characters
Jaycee chapters across Montana used to be the local sponsors of the Daisy program. When I was in the Baker Jaycees in the 90's we hosted the State Championship. The kids had to pass a written test on + 678 more characters
Smiley, check your copy of the First Amendment. Mine doesn't say freedom of speech for everyone except those who are opposed to abortion.
And I have proof of Aliens!
Photoshop was used on this image, but only for color correction and image enhancement. Nothing was added! Honest!
Back when I lived in Baker, I was working at the Jaycee's Beer Garden during the Fallon County Fair. I carded one young woman and she handed me a North Dakota drivers license that said she was legal. + 278 more characters
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