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9/11 10 days ago
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Yep, we've missed the last 2 Saturday papers. Guess I'll call Monday and get it on Tuesday or Wednesday. I may not get the email version, but can go to the web page, click on the e tab, and get the em + 12 more characters
Water treatment plant is next door to the WAM.
Everything was working fine Friday afternoon, with very friendly service.
Sounds like they are open for business..
Sounds like they are currently short of staff due to various reasons and cannot offer all the usual services. I assume you can transfer funds among accounts, and you can always write a check and depos + 92 more characters
Not so much a shakeup, but lacking personnel for different causes, prevents them from being able to provide certain services. Drive up was available for information and ATM seemed to be working when w + 212 more characters
Is this wildlife related or did someone get some extra funding? Just curious, as there is activity all the ways to Billings.
State meet in Billings this week. Hope thy continue their winning ways!
Glad I was able to visit with him in November. I'll miss him, as he was a very good friend.
Tucker might not approve, as she plays a banjo.
Sorry to hear this. We use to interact at local auctions. We'd even sometimes decide who was going to bid, when we both wanted an item, and there was more than one. Didn't want to be bidding against e + 93 more characters
What is happening with their rental business?
Speedy's from Hardin at Ace Parking lot on Tuesday and Saturday Market at the park.
Worth reading in the Miles City Star. It is a Good One. She gave wonderful message to the students.
Cowboys win again, Fergus high school last week and Hardin tonight.
55 to 13, Congratulations!!
Their deaths were on the 26th and 27th as were the reported deaths due to covid in Miles City. Their's are the only obits listed on the Stevenson's site for deaths on those two dates.
Verlin's brother Gale Miller lives in Miles City.
We did not have our range gauge out, but it appears we got more rain in the valley than is being reported from the airport.
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