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Four Murnions were playing on the Jordan team.
34 to 3 beginning of 4th quarter
He is also currently number 3 in PRCA calf roping.
Article in Fridays edition covered the Sunday Creek Sheepdog Trials - 2019.
Don't seem to get the options in imgur that you posted. [Edited by MRH (6/25/2019 10:14:17 PM)]
This coming Saturday, Sunday, and Monday url
Yes, it was a very good concert. Just wish Joe S. could have been there. This was part of the Montana Stockgrower's meeting, so not sure who was the organizing group. One of the few concerts that the + 120 more characters
Snowing again at 8:45am MDT.
RE: BHS Parade 8 months ago
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Have not heard any other plans. The Quick Draw has been moved inside, and the Kiwanis feed was cancelled. I assume the parade is a go, and it looks like the side streets have barricades in place. Have + 6 more characters
Just wondering.
Franks body shop url
This is not working well with my computer. It is a bit jerky. Not sure what the problem is, but does not appear compatible, as it has been in past years.
Anyone have some results on the Cowboy wrestlers?
We had mail delivered in the Yellowstone Valley today.
Yes, normally they meet the last Monday of each month, but may not meet in December, as that is New Years Eve. Meetings begin at 6:30pm and the Church of Christ building in Miles City. You can also c + 370 more characters
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