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Thanks for posting the video Richard. Personally, I don't dislike Ron Paul. Sometimes he makes sense. I'd have coffee with him. But that does not increase my confidence in him as a Presidential option + 1 more characters
I've noticed a lot of people, often Republicans, like to use the word "puppet". Does anyone else see the striking resemblance between Ron Paul and Jeff Dunham's Walter puppet? This would be a great pl + 51 more characters
Thank you Great Grandparents for leaving Norway.
Heidi Meadowland
I do not know you and you do not know me. Assumptions breed the same hate I'm talking about. I like when people think about their words and how it affects others and if they are in it to educate or t + 18 more characters
I personally have not been to the site because I have a hard enough time understanding what some folks write here. I'm just saying, hate filled rantings are concerning. I like good debate - the hate.
After hearing more about the shooter and that he wrote rantings on the internet that "don't make sense", is anyone else concerned by rantings of local folk that may also appear "unhinged"?
See... a good reason I don't decorate for Christmas. I have one of those cats.
Wyoming. If you're traveling, the worst 8 hours of your life.
I also heard the same noises tonight.
Google Mental Health or Therapeutic Care Centers.
Have we all lost sight of the fact that "Christine O'Donnell changed me into a newt"? Seriously...when will we get back to the fact that what this nation needs is to ignore all this nonsense and star + 22 more characters
Fun signs. The kitten Hitler cracked me up.
I'd like to think that I get the "flu shot" to help keep the babies and kids around me safer, but honsetly...I get the shot to prove I'm not superhuman.
Thanks for usurping what I thought was a kind post. It is obvious that there are many people who serve our community every day that go unrecognized and underappreciated. I work with many of those peop + 54 more characters
This morning I teared up a bit driving past the Fire Dept. and seeing the flag hanging from the fire truck ladder. Then tonight my house is filled with smoke because I guess someone in the area was bu + 444 more characters
Thanks Josh. The owner of the other car (the one that is "super cool" but can't build enough steam to even cross the rail road tracks in the winter), needs to slow down.
May be a different car, but there is a lime green sports car that speeds by my house. I live in a neighborhood with children playing and now walking to school.
Loved Kids in the Hall!
Sarah Palin? Blahhh. I'm not gelouse of her taLLent.
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