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To the United States of America.
And to think his ancestors probably came here as slaves.
I am Irish Bridgier.
But it seems we are firmly parked up against a concrete wall and D just does not work.
David Schott.I started reading from the link you posted.I quit when it stated something about enslaving africans.Whomever was writing has no idea about slavery.Blatant ignorance like that and I quit r + 376 more characters
Gunnar is not running for office and he took the survey.Did he find it difficult?I do not believe so.He took the survey and said "this is what I stand for."He is not afraid to say "this is what I stan + 726 more characters
I think you fear the truth Kacey.
Ok.No surveys.Just guess what the candidate is going to do.ABSOLUTELY no taking a stand on issues.Democrat candidates will not even answer if the support obama or if they voted for him.You do not have + 360 more characters
Gunnar completed the survey.How hard can it be?But it is too hard for Amanda Curtis??I know she is the underdog but I always think the underdog has a chance.If you cannot fill out a simple survey and + 370 more characters
I cannot copy the results. Daines Voted yes on everything but I think #4. He will not vote to end all foreign aid. Anyway,as far as I know Amanda Curtis would not fill this out. I really do not see ho + 6417 more characters
Funny,he made enough money to own something and borrow against so it was his money all the time.
Brilliant man who did not exactly starve to death lol.
wasn`t he a 1%er or 2%er or something?
That is the good chinese restaurant.
It was on msn.What d`ya expect lol.
Pay disparity.This is how everything gets thrown out of whack in people`s minds.Just saw it in a study.So there are not many women doing the physical high paying oilfield jobs.Women hold other high pa + 476 more characters
We have actually been pretty lucky.Mansfield,Baucus,Burns and a couple of others.Ended up being pretty powerful men in DC.
specifically for what reason David Schott?Read the post,Gunnar insulted me and attacked me.Should you not tell Gunnar to settle down a bit?Read the post.If someone`s posting privileges be revoked it s + 100 more characters
Where do you live whilst hiding behind the internet Gunnar?
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