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thank you!
So is this online yet? I was looking for these as well.
WOW! Thank you all again for all your help. Lucy has been returned home now. She is very cold, wet, and stinky; but, seems Happy to be back for sure. We are happy to have her back too. She was found b + 136 more characters
Thank you all for helping and for the information. I had one dog, Tucker, returned to me today. He was still in the Valley Dr East area. We continued with our search party for the other and have turne + 296 more characters
On 12/27/09 around 2:30pm, my dogs escaped from my fenced backyard. They are Miniture Schnauzer's. One is male, Tucker, and he is about 22 pounds. The other female, Lucy, is about 15 pounds. They are + 325 more characters
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