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DITTO!..............Gene............I like Tater tots!! James
There is a "JOKE" thread for kids who want to play. I started this thread to wish great success to my friend Kaye with her new business. Please keep all comments related to the thread, thank you! Jame + 1 more characters
Evidently Josh was not satisfied with my posting. It seems that I left the "s" off the end of the word "artist" SO, here you go Josh......artists..........Now, find something else to do!!! James
Come one Come all and check out the new art supply store at 115 N. 7th street. Kaye has all kinds of art supplies and projects to keep you busy. She has art from local artist. There will be food and b + 139 more characters
This is so cool Josh, True stumble vision. It is alot of fun watching fatter people than me waddle out of the 600....LOL. Watch the night life stumble to their rides trying to avoid the long arm of th + 178 more characters
I know this is a bit off topic, but in 1990 I was working as a deputy for the San luis Obispo Sheriff's dept. when I was diagnosed with a brain tumor. We had a great HMO at the time (rather expensive + 342 more characters
Hal, I sent you a private email, please check you email junk filters for anything from: [email protected] Thanks, James
Thanks Hal, I kinda thought that was who it was for. I knew the whole "Biker Gang" (Family) Thru Cuz Bruce Baker. Thanks for the tribute to an Old Friend. James
Who was/is your Old Friend Hal? if you don't mind my being nosey.
Sorry it's cable. Didn't know what you needed.
Hey Josh, You are welcome to use my internet connection if that helps. I live in the Smoker Friendly Apt Bldg. behind the Elks. I don't know if that is any help to you or not, please let me know. Jame + 2 more characters
From the '70's CB craze, I was known as the BarFly. Someone told me that was because I ate $_it and bothered people...LMAO
What ever happened to: Franken Berry Boo Berry & Count Chocula?
I would like to remember: Mark Seaboy- He and his father saved my life. I never got to thank them....RIP Mark ....Thank you!! PaPa Ray Steen- My Dad, Neva (Jody) Steen- My Mom I love you and miss you + 15 more characters
What an Incredible performance!!
As I've Grown older....I find that my eyesight has improved, was 20/40..but is now 20/20.. I can't see anything over 20 yrs old or over 20 feet away!!
Gene, You forgot your most recent (LILA)...Ha Ha I have had drinks with Noah Beery in Ca. ( Shell Beach) Jonathan Winters (performed as our D.I.) for Bootcamp Graduation (San Diego, Ca.) Chuck Norris + 164 more characters
"I am a highly educated woman and wish that the closed minded people would realize that not everybody's perfect and they make mistakes, but they come out of it, they mature. and from what i can tell a + 267 more characters
My experience with horse meat was in Germany. I was invited to a locals home for dinner and steaks were on the grill. They were fantastic!!
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