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Morhead Yes. I believe this is going to get real ugly. I saw today that Condoleezza Rice has strongly recommended the UN take strong steps to end the Iranians from further development......UH-OH, Here + 18 more characters
RT&JenBo9, Thank you for this quote, "How about it be open to the public, every nite and if you show up to skate, HAVE FUN." I'll give you credit Holly you stirred up the sh-t for just joining t + 19 more characters
HOLLY, Is this going to be accepted in Miles City, I don't live there right now so I don't know........ Do you live in Miles City???????
Shannon, Hello I was the one thinking of opening a roller rink in MC. My family is from Nebraska just north of Grand Island in Cedar Rapids. I don't know how close that is, but small world. Keep Rolli + 7 more characters
I Just wanted to put out a clarification on a past post on my GGreat uncle H.C. Thompson that somebody not mentioning any names, and thanks to the Web Master his post was removed. COL.Henry + 1631 more characters
OH MY!!!!!!!!!!I understand the low tonight is supposed to be -22, How in 1888 did people survive?
LOST !!!!! 16 years ago
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Where is CHAD
Ford, For just joining last night you sure know a lot about the Webmaster's way of terminating people. Have you been on before, and now using an alias?
This has been a crazy two day's on the MC discussion forums. WHERE IS CHAD??????
Steelers 17-0 at the half. I never make it past that, thanks to good drinks at the superbowl party.....
Sounds like the "News Vans" should be heading to Miles City for the (RIOTS OF 2006), Like in LA quote "Can't we all just get along" Rodney Green................
Yo, Bid daddy upstairs (Our father who art in heaven) you be chill'n (Hallowed be they name) So be yo hood (they kingdom come) You be sayin it, I be doin'it (they will be done) In this here hood and Y + 465 more characters
Rumors Rumors-Jared Jared. Need I say more
Can I please get a 40oz. Old English. HU YA
No radio-Already stolen. "Some times I wake up grumpy,other times I let her sleep"
Are peas the little round things in green beans, and if so how come they taste so good that way?
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