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Many great memories of the fair in MC. Does Sacred Heart still have the Roundtable cafe? I remember those great burgers still and working there in high school between football practices and it was bru + 25 more characters
I like Leonard. I don't know the details of the arrest but let the process run its course. I hope the best for him.
President Obama Hillary Clinton Ted Kennedy Joe Leiberman Conrad, Max, Tester, Denny James Carville Ron Paul Herschel Walker Boog Powell Michael Keaton Ruth Bader Ginsburg 3 of the original Tuskegee A + 57 more characters
Stripes? I guess not actually at war. Include it on the list or I'll kill ya.
God I miss the Airport inn. Great Pizza and finger steaks.
While I agree that President Bush will not go down in history as a good president. I believe it is time we as Americans begin to accept responsibilities for our own future. Don't get loans you can't a + 484 more characters
I grew up in Miles City. I feel blessed to have been raised in a great community. I still can taste Airport Inn pizza and finger steaks...they have a tatse like none other. I still still smell the mos + 490 more characters
Believe me when I say I wasn't a supporter of President Bush. But I think we also have to recognize the incredible burdens of the office. I disagree with many of the man's policies and responses but i + 83 more characters
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