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Don't they make them at a place on way out of town on 7th? In the area of the grain terminal I think.
Now did my response come across as being critical of you or harsh? I meant to simply respond to your response with my view.
Oh how well I do know unlike you who have more likely read about this instead of lived under it's influence.
Gunnar my head isn't in my ass it sits just as squarly on my shoulders as yours does. You are right we have differnet opinions but when I came on here, because I have different experiences and opinion + 139 more characters
Buck I can assure you Denny was the lessor of two evils for some.
Just heard a discussion on CNBC about gerrymandered districts and the effect they have on the "fiscal cliff" or "curb," depending on your leaning. I'm from one of those districts in another state and + 121 more characters
I'm glad I have had the experiences I have because otherwise I would be as clueless about the goings on outside of this winter wonderland as you all are.
Mr. Webmaster, your involved by your participation but that is fine with me. I personally could care less if the wealthiest are taxed more. It shouldn't hurt em and I'm willing to bet they are simply + 647 more characters
Gunnar, I came here with plenty smarts and what I didn't know I'm learning fast. For example I know most of the people here do not think the same way as the few of you on here that are so vocal. I als + 1135 more characters
Howdy, this has nothing to do with your charts of how states voted for president with regards to their education level, but I would hope you might agree with me in my observation that education does n + 72 more characters
Don't need to be appreciated, loved, liked or anything and I could care less what you think Bob.
Good one ABE!
Unfortunately everything back home is reduced to that issue, but enough of that. One of the things I like about here is the celebration, if that is the word, of one's heritage. An example is the Chris + 197 more characters
Liberals...always labeling those who disagree...
Now that the elections are over, what might be in store for the U.S. for the next four years? Give it your best shot.
Ok if you will reread all of this you will see you brought up the words "civil rights, blacks and racism," I simply commented on subject matter I have first hand knowledge of. My original comment on t + 323 more characters
Actually Larry if you will read the entire thread you will see I commented on the meanness of some on this site and from there I wound up defending myself an my southern honor against Bridgier and how + 518 more characters
Amorette, I have only worked around a few Indians since I have been here and they seem to be fine. They worked the same as I did and were very nice to me and I to them. But I can tell you that when I + 620 more characters
Gunnar I'd agree with you on your point about coal, natural gas and fracking technology. Is your work experience in this field? Just curious as so many people move out of their chosen fields and your + 59 more characters
Buck your pretty much an idiot not worthy of any response. Bridgier there are tons of differences not just in the South and Miles City but all over the United States. Howdy I'm not racist but the thin + 1041 more characters
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