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A Trump Tale -or- While Strolling Along on a Sunny Day. You are walking and you come across a young woman who is having respiratory problems and is losing consciousness. Using your superior intellect, + 1508 more characters
So sorry to learn of this. I always enjoyed the updates, the creativity and the love you shared on I wish you peace in this time of sadness for you. FH
I'll buy that for a dollar! FH
I just found out from Facebook that Ralph Hartze died and had a funeral this weekend. What a great teacher this man was. As I read through the memories listed on the Stephenson's website, several made + 357 more characters
url FH
Rob, You are absolutely right. They were wrong. You win. I applaud you. I am certain your parents are very proud of you as well. FH
Rob Shipley, You ran a great race. You obviously threw everything you had into the election. You knocked on doors, invited those who disagree with you to come to your table to discuss it, you promi + 301 more characters
Sung to the Brady Bunch Theme Song: Here’s the story of a guy named Shipley Who was busy with 3 crimes of his own From littering around the house, to not mowing He was very well known around the town. + 525 more characters
In support of voting the intellect: Frank Hardy's Hawaiian Hot Dog House is proud to endorse..... Rob Shipley with the introduction of: The Shipley Dawg: We put a weiner on a bun and load EVERYTHING w + 326 more characters
Quit bringing politics into this! Outside cats lead to urban blight and crime! They start squatting and/or building and then all kinds of laws are broken! url Besides, if they were republican neighbor + 159 more characters
If he is in violation, then tell those Trump loving police warners to DO THEIR DUTY: ...I'll just call them myself. Can you *67 911? FH
Huh? FH
One more (my program director threatened to smash it if I played it once more between 6:30am and 7:00am):
Here's one:
The only problems I've ever had was when I was really pissed off at pelicans and roosters. FH
I get it! You don't really need to smile to work there, right? FH
Why? 3 years ago
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How come the potential household clothing devastation from moth infestation was a much larger problem in our youth than it is now? Mothballs anyone? FH
The Hardy Boys took the case and investigated the Case of the Scuttling Scotterdog. The Clues are: 1. We believe the person likes SCOTTish whiskey. 2. His favorite president is george W bush. 3. His f + 205 more characters
I know it's been done here before, but it truly is my favorite thing about, reminiscing about the great things we remember. I know it's just a matter of time before the Penguin comes up, + 440 more characters
There's talk of a pool. FH
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