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You dumbocrat fools just don't get it. You cannot accept the fact that if just one of those 6 year olds at Sandy Hook would have been armed that tragedy would have been avoided. You can tell from the + 944 more characters
If I had a dime for every time I've heard this. FH
url FH
Sherry Tuss? Wish I could help! You're very talented. Welcome to Miles City! Cheers! FH
The movie would be "A Quiet Place" The scene would be a guy walking down the street wearing a "Honk if you love TRUMP" shirt. FH
Dave, I am so sad to see this. My condolences on the loss of your brother. FH
My issue with your link is that if you cannot follow the simple instructions within the posting process on how to post the link, then you need to realize you are not an intuitive or intelligent person + 510 more characters
This is just my personal definition of what I would like regulated but that is: Automatic or semi-automatic weapon with a magazine capacity exceeding 5 rounds (this number is definitely susceptible to + 155 more characters
Felix, You are nuts. You are scary insane and the fact that you are carrying a concealed weapon is the absolute proof that these laws need to be changed. Please, please, please realize that you are + 709 more characters
I'm a little miffed that Gunnar didn't send that to me. He can consider his personal "Hardy Hot Dog Hotdogger Discount Card" revoked. :had to happen sometime: FH
Now I cannot resist. This stanza is sung to the tune “Who Let the Dogs Out?” The Citizens of Miles City are asking the question and Liisa Powers is singing the answer. Who sold the kid Beer? Dick Dick + 1088 more characters
So I know it's been 13 more years, but how did this case end? FH
Aha! Fixed it! Miles City station The Miles City station of Miles City, Montana is located at 500 Pacific Avenue and was built in 1924. It was a replacement commissioned to be designed by the Northern + 654 more characters
Hai ku Hai ku Hai ku Hai ku Hai ku Hai ku Hai ku Hai ku Hai FH ku Not very creative- but it's so darn lovely.
Planning on voting for Trump in 2024? Please complete the following survey by responding which number(s) apply to you. Trump Backers--- which numbers apply? (Most will be at least 12 numbers) 1. Un(de + 1079 more characters
They are who we named our #13 menu item after: The Killer Dogie: 1/4 lb weiner on a bed of english chutney mixed with arsenic. Served on some Old lace and packaged- To Go and Be Gone. :tombstone: FH T + 40 more characters
2- John Johnston 3- Edward Rulloff 6- Boone Helm 8- "Wild" Bill Longley 9- Jesse Pomeroy 17- Stephen Dee Richards "Your Welcome!" :Ciao: :Bad Dream: :Asesino: FH
I stopped there twice. The first time it was raining and the trail was muddy so I decided to come another day. Such a tranquil experience. The location is just off an exit from Interstate 35 in northe + 729 more characters
No one answered Charles Skroch and now it's too late: url FH
Gunnar said: I passed you in Helena last week, gave you a big wave, and you ignored the bejeezus out of me, so nice try, you snobbish, western montanan, nose in the air, toplofty, orotund, sniffy, po + 159 more characters
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