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Gunnar said: I passed you in Helena last week, gave you a big wave, and you ignored the bejeezus out of me, so nice try, you snobbish, western montanan, nose in the air, toplofty, orotund, sniffy, po + 159 more characters
For the entire campaign and through the entire presidency, Trump and his supporters didn't present a single alternative. Trumps entire strategy was to add interstate competition to health care. No ma + 367 more characters
9-0films, I was actually enjoying reading your perspective and I hope you'll reconsider and stay. Calm and cool discussion is so needed now and so hard to find. I had actually started posting a rep + 720 more characters
A small ice cream store called the Penguin? ....yeah, really! "I'm serious!" FH
One of the most frustrating things is realizing that both sides believe they are the smart ones. In a fair fight, the ignorant know they are and might defer to a medically trained health care provider + 109 more characters
I feel badly for you. I know how important and special pets become to a family. I think seeking some legal representaation is absolutely your wisest course. There are clearly two sides to this issue a + 211 more characters
Do you owe them money? Can we get some more information? Why would they be keeping your cats? FH
Amorette, This response is perfectly written. Thank you! Cheers! FH
Fascinating! Thank you for sharing! FH
One of our newest pieces of equipment at Frank Hardy's Hawaiian Hot Dog House. Stop by today!
Cheers! FH
One day a frail elderly man arrived at the gates to heaven and St Peter asked him, “What brings you here my son?” “I was held as a political prisoner for many years before I was finally freed and was + 735 more characters
Frank Hardy's Hawaiian Hot Dog House is proud to roll-out: The Capita/ol Trump! This 1/4 pound weiner of a dog is topped on one end by stringy carrots and on the bottom with a pile of crap we call the + 772 more characters
Sung to the tune of Billy Don't Be a Hero by Bo Donaldson and the Heywoods. (I know it's bad, but I haven't done one of these for quite awhile.) Shipley don’t be a hero Trump will not gift you his wif + 784 more characters
Posted by Dick Ellingson (+646) an hour ago Reply to Jerry e (#380895) I was writing about unavailability of yard signs, not toilet paper, but thanks anyway. Absolutely hilarious. Thank you. FH
A Trump Tale -or- While Strolling Along on a Sunny Day. You are walking and you come across a young woman who is having respiratory problems and is losing consciousness. Using your superior intellect, + 1508 more characters
So sorry to learn of this. I always enjoyed the updates, the creativity and the love you shared on I wish you peace in this time of sadness for you. FH
I'll buy that for a dollar! FH
I just found out from Facebook that Ralph Hartze died and had a funeral this weekend. What a great teacher this man was. As I read through the memories listed on the Stephenson's website, several made + 357 more characters
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