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All Americans should look deep with in themselves after the shameful event in DC today. A dangerous precedent has been set.
Our country today; contempt is palpable. Antagonism is direct and intentional. Our condition, not going to end well.
You are absolutely right about Trump's statements. But I think that you are missing my point, I don't want Trump to win. IMO the winner of this election is irrelevant. The polarization in this country + 931 more characters
And some say The Devil I know is better than the Devil I don't know. The winner of this election whether, Devil or horse, isn't going to fix the country. BTW, Why not respond with conversation instead + 33 more characters
I don' think he has done anything BUT encourage his pets, the proud boys. Nor has the left done anything BUT encourage the their pet groups. IMO we are in a civil war over idealism. Perhaps the right + 846 more characters
It doesn't matter which candidate wins there will be no change in the polarization. It probably will intensify. There could be violent reaction left or right a'la april 12 1861. The difference today i + 329 more characters
Reporters you mean a gossip or busy body that is in show business
Has anyone listened to this 911 call on The Billings Gazette site today. I think it is hilarious or maybe I have a strange sense of humor. I yelled Ethel don't look, but it was too late she had alread + 13 more characters
Its about time that personal property rights are asserted in the matter of slaughtering horses. A line must be drawn. Misguided animal rights groups are slowly but surely chippping our personal proper + 1944 more characters
The fact of the matter is that there are so many different religions and denominitions within religions and none of them interpret their faiths the same way. So how can any religion or person presenti + 220 more characters
Okay, but what religion has the claim on the real " god ". Is it christians, the jews, the muslims, buddahists, pageans? Or does the honor go to the side with the best PR? Or biggest army.
What about a world with out any religion be it christian, judism, muslim, pageanism or what have you. How about a world where everyone lives by the golden rule. Men have used their own warped interpr + 543 more characters
loretta lynn has a interesting new album some rap (country style) and a nice rock duet other than that i've been listening to teena marie La Dona Hanson Underneath they sound really grown up now Luth + 131 more characters
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