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You also know you are from M.C. if you remember the old Range Riders Bar sign. The neon horse with the cowboy.
Rick, Jay was in a band here in Billings called Rumor Has It with my ex- husband. They were great. Of coarse I would say that. Anyhow, we used to have alot of fun. I met my ex when they were playing b + 346 more characters
deer slayer, 9 Iron. Was he the guy that had the 3 wheel bike? If so, he actually broke his neck at Riverside Park. He tipped his bike down one of the hills. Anyway, that is the story I remember. Also + 153 more characters
Levi, Maybe you are having halllucinations from riding around in circles on the wooden horse merry go round upstairs at NZ Shoes. I spose too many times around could play with the mind.
I think the green ladies name was Mrs. Gackel or something on that order.???
Jeremy, He passed away about a year ago.
If you remember the Green Lady, God, Iron B----- carrying his bike, and Bobby Kenny riding his bike. I still see Bobby riding his bike every time I go home. If you remember the 600 bar being downstair + 105 more characters
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