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Everyone bring your children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews, and friends to the Custer County Fund For Animals Pet Show at the Eastern Montana Fair on Wednesday August 22, 2018 Registration is at 5:0 + 209 more characters
The family who owns the dog has been notified and they have their dog's body My thoughts and prayers are with the family at this difficult time. Thanks to everyone who took the time to look for Dodge + 13 more characters
Tnuhotevil Call me at 406-560-2102 I have the dog owners phone number The phone number to call is in the Lost Corgi Dog ad in the classified ads The phone number to contact is 406-207-4102 Please let + 73 more characters
Whoever the people are who are hiding and helping Scott Price get away Please turn Scott into law enforcement Tell law enforcement where Scott Price is or went By hiding and helping Scott Price get aw + 74 more characters
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Please everyone with pets in Miles City, MT Please get your pets Microchipped with a microchip that will identify you as the owner of your pet. Your family veterinarian can put the microchip under you + 178 more characters
Mondays storm blew trees down in Glendive MT also
Did you find your dog
Mckee Here are the phone numbers for after hours of veterinarians Call and tell them what is going on with your dog. East Main Animal Clinic Dr. Lindley 1-406-421-5588 and Miles City Veterinary Servic + 37 more characters
Kelly Dodge Tarr basic dog obedience classes start June 23rd, 2015 8 week course. For details call 232-4349 leave a message with your contact information if no answer I am posting this for my friend s + 189 more characters
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East Main Animal Clinic Emergency Phone Number is 1-406-421-5588 Dr Lindley The Miles City Veterinary Service Emergency Phone Number is 1-406-951-2829
Crystal will be speaking at Cowboy Church on Sunday 10:00 a.m. out at the Fairgrounds in the Sports Agri building. Come attend
What church do you go to? Third River church, Baptist Church , Grace Bible church, Assembly of God Church Livingway Fellowship church all knew Crystal would be talking Contact Livingway Fellowship Chu + 50 more characters
Oscar was found deceased on the rail road tracks by the old train depot My thought and prayers are with Oscar's family \ [Edited by Olive (3/20/2015 9:50:56 PM)]
Rocky the Corgi that went missing December 24, 2014 was found deceased he was washed up on a sand bar in the Tongue River Rest in Peace Rocky My thoughts and prayers are with his family.
Rockstar Did you ever find dog boarding, dog day care or a pet sitter for your pet.I do pet sitting in Miles City, MT My business is The Critter Sitter 1-406-560-2102
I do pet sitting I go over to your house and let your pet in and out, feed your pet, walk your pet if the weather is nice, play with your pet and give your pet plenty of attention while your on vacati + 811 more characters
Pet Walkers Please call the County Commissioners and Voice the need for garbage cans to be put outside the fence at the Fairgrounds along the Walking Path and a Garbage can inside the fence somewhere + 628 more characters
To People Who Walk Their Pets on the Holy Rosary Hospital Path and Around the Fairgrounds Walking Path and Spotted Eagle Trails Please carry bags with you so you can clean up after your pet. When I wa + 1608 more characters
If anyone knows where Rocky is or has seen Rocky or if you have a neighbor who just got a new Corgi dog that they are keeping Please call Miles City Police Dispatch 1-406-232-3411 or Animal Control 1- + 345 more characters
Has the lab cross puppy been found?
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Lost Grey and White Small Female Dog Seen in 1100 block of Knight, 700-800 blocks of N Jordan street 700-900 blocks of N Lake Street Woodbury Street Trancso Rail Car Tracks, N 6th street and Washing S + 798 more characters
Noodle got scared from the fireworks and ran away on S Merriam St. Please help us look for her that way she can return back to her family. Please call +1 (406) 853-3740 if you find her. Also Call East + 505 more characters
Black Lab Mix Dog Might have brown collar Has bad injury on his side Seen in area of Valley Drive East headed to underpass and also in Pine Hills School Parking Lot last night would not come to anyone + 266 more characters
Does anyone at all have any information about the missing hound dog? Call 406-234-1444 and leave message if no answer with any information you can provide Thanks
Would anyone who has information about the missing hound dog, what area the dog is staying in, name of people feeding dog, be willing to help capture the dog Everybody/anyone in Terry/Prairirie County + 177 more characters
Does anyone have any updates or know what has happened to the remaining missing hunting hound dog in Terry/Prairie County Montana
Does anyone in Terry/Prairie County, Circle, Brockway Montana know where the female hunting hound dog is What area she is staying in, sighted her what area sighted in, know if she has been found or ca + 150 more characters
Here is a picture of what the hound dog looks like If anyone in Terry/Prairie County happens to know what area the hound dog is staying in, sights her or has any information about this hound dog Post + 408 more characters
Lost Female Fox Hunting Hound Dog in Early October 2020 in Terry/Prairie County Montana She is still missing! if anyone has any information, know what area the dog is staying in, any sightings of the + 1107 more characters
RE: Boxer puppy 2 months ago
How much interested is it male or female