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I was unaware of this meeting. My child goes to WMS and the stories that are relayed are disturbing. My husband and I are fortunate that our child still talks to us about alot of things. Our child has + 877 more characters
They may also have that book at the Range Riders Museum. Call and ask for Bob 232-6146.
The Courthouse where you live should be able to help you with your legal name change. Also, don't forget to contact the Social Security office. This will help prevent hiccups with the IRS etc.
Currently, Montana does not have a horse slaughter house. However, House Bill 418 is waiting for the Governor to sign and allow it's passage. If you would like more information, look on the AQHA webpa + 20 more characters
You may want to check with the Range Riders Museum. There is always a lot of cleaning and sprucing up to do in preparation for the up coming season.
I would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to Wally Badget and the MCC Rodeo Team. It truly touched our family that you included my nephew Casey Ketchum in your blessing. I would also like to thank + 278 more characters
I believe some of you are missing the point "Leanne" was trying to make. These forums are a great way to share community information and get feed back. However, it seems that when any serious topic co + 362 more characters
I still have a job that I am thankful for. My family is healthy and happy. Hope this helps. Merry Christmas!!!!!!!!!!!
Lets get back to the purpose of this post shall we. All of you who would like to buy tickets are encouraged to do so. Any of you who do not wish to buy tickets should be quiet. The last time I checked + 231 more characters
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