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Wow thanks Brian. How do you think they will compete in AA?
Is it true that Belgrade is moving up to AA next season? I know they are in a down season with a lot of young kids but I don't ever see them being able to compete at the next level.
Laurel has not played against a line like we have since we beat them last season. They will be tough but believe me they will get scored on and their QB will be very sore after this game if he plays.
Ok Thanks Ted.
SO now there is only one racquetball court?
Where were the new Simulators placed at?
It was at the 8 mile marker right below the hill. You would shoot through the half pipe and come out the end into the water. You had to kind of push yourself off the end to get over the concrete wall + 130 more characters
This show was awesome. I am not entirely sure how we got a talent like this to come here but he was unbelieveable. He played hard until midnight too. Wow. I want to thank the Confluence members for b + 88 more characters
I have Dan Fox talked into competing, hope you have a bunch of participants, because this will be fun to watch.
Yeah that was a top 5 open mic night for me, I had a blast. I hope we can keep that momentum rolling. Everyone played up to the occassion Saturday night and Don did a fantastic job of keeping it all o + 173 more characters
For what is worth Richard, I thought it was very funny.
I watched it for the first time last night, and I loved it. Conan is the man still. And Soundgarden was awesome. 13 years was the last time they played live. I am hooked now.
Yeah Brian I was there too and that Whitefish team wasn't good enough to wash our teams jock straps on our field in normal conditions. That field was in awful shape. It made a huge difference in the g + 13 more characters
Thanks Sharlys I will get a hold of Dan next week, we would love to be team #5 but #1 in your hearts. Thanks again.
Well I have heard that Danny Davis was organizing this league, but I have heard nothing since.
I heard a rumor that there will be a city basketball league again, does anyone know who to contact about signing up a team? I was told it was in the paper but I guess I missed it. Thanks.
Yeah its like any team over on that side of the state though. They don't see a defense like the ones we put together over here on this side of the state. I am not saying they are inferior to us, but t + 143 more characters
Wow really Brian? I watched that team play us and they had a lot of talent but were very young. They proved me right the next season. I just am a little surprised they lost to Corvalis of all teams, h + 105 more characters
Yeah Brian but I am in no way ever gonna compare my class to yours. That team was ridiculous. The class ahead mine beat Glendive too but they made for some classic match-ups. Both of the teams in 95 a + 101 more characters
Stone, thats a good fact to know. It brings back bad memories for me too. My class never beat Glendives senior class either. it was always a last minute play that we would lose on it seemed. That damn + 214 more characters
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