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Thanks to everyone for responding. Amorette Allison’s recollection led to the webpage stating that the Montana Historical Society has so far collected + 467 more characters
Do any historical societies or educational institutions have an oral history project comprising recording interviews with senior citizens to obtain for posterity their first-hand recollections of grow + 61 more characters
The houses had survived in reasonably good condition for almost a century. The issue is more of preservation, rather than suitability of the property for construction. The houses are unfortunately now + 560 more characters
... and the other (larger) house on the property, also in deteriorating condition, is noteworthy as the place where Maurice Hilleman was born.
Following the death of William "Fred" F. Schmalsle, his nephew Robert Hilleman visited his Schmalsle cousins in Miles City in May 1913, and reported that Miles City was "one of the most beautiful of W + 727 more characters
Can nothing be done to help preserve the house where Maurice Hilleman grew up? A cousin reported from her visit to Miles City this summer that the abandoned house has broken windows boarded up and cov + 258 more characters
In connection with the 1940 U.S. census just released, I found the census enumeration district map for Miles City, which is based on a 1931 map by John W. Hall, City Engineer. This map shows all the b + 658 more characters
In the late nineteenth century, the slough was known as a sluice of the Yellowstone River. "A SAD AFFAIR Theodore Schmalsle, son of Jacob Schmalsle is Drowned in a Sluice of the Yellowstone. Theodore + 639 more characters
Whether the slough is the old channel of the Tongue River or a side channel of the Yellowstone River seems a matter of perspective. Before the Tongue River channel was straightened, during low river f + 1422 more characters
Thank you. So then was Elgin Park located in the area of present-day Roberts Street, Knight Street and Alice Street? Apparently the 1920 census taker did not consider Elgin Park to include Garland Str + 147 more characters
In the 1920 census my granduncle Robert Hilleman and his wife Edith, as well as many other people, are listed as living at "Elgin Park Island". Can someone please explain what this was and its locatio + 358 more characters
Further comments regarding my previous post are appropriate. "Have always pronounced Schmalsle as Sch-malz-lee. The Schmalsle family immigrated from Swabia (where many family names end with "le"), and + 926 more characters
The current 900 block of Woodbury appears to be immediately south of the present Garfield school. "Old" Garfield School? Different location?
Have always pronounced Schmalsle as Sch-malz-lee. The Schmalsle family immigrated from Swabia (where many family names end with "le"), and therefore Schmalsle should be pronounced according to Swabian + 43 more characters
Well, the "North" prefix to "Woodbury Street" is then just an artifact of cartographers. Bing Maps, Google Maps, Yahoo Maps, Microsoft Streets & Trips 2005, and Garmin Nuvi all list "N Woodbury Street + 61 more characters
Amorette, Thank you. Google's satellite images show other streets being divided by the slough or the railroad line. But neither transects the space between the two sections of Schmalsle Street. --- Cr + 38 more characters
Information regarding the history of (N) Woodbury Street is appreciated. A message posted on (Top: History: Books: Dusting off the Old Ones: Story 6) says that Woodbury Street was named + 1630 more characters
Ellen K. Compton's question about "Schmalsle Cat Houses" inspires questions about "Schmalsle Street" located in two pieces in the unincorporated "island" section of Miles City. (1) Why is "Schmalsle S + 656 more characters
Ellen, You likely are thinking of "Riverview Gardens", not "Riverside Gardens". "Riverview Gardens" was the name of the Hilleman(n) farm bordering the Yellowstone River between the Tongue River and th + 1300 more characters
/* With so many brothers, there must be many nieces and nephews. */ Yes, but aside from Art Larson, all of them live 800 miles or more from Miles City.
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