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RE: Snow 8 years ago
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I want to apologize for my actions. it will never happen again. Miles City has good people. I will try to work on a better attitude, please forgive me, and I pray for your friends safety. God Bless.
RE: Snow 8 years ago
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I guess you dont have a TV. or RADIO, So go buy a snow shovel or rake or what ever or try getting off the couch. go out side and look up, look for clear skies. means no snow, white cloudy skies, Could + 41 more characters
Now it looks like they are slashing on cars On LeightenBld/. across from the old convent. By the way the person has cameras and you are on them.
OMG. IT IS TRUE, I AM SORRY. His impact on the world was so positive. He was so good in GOOD MORNING VIETNAM. AND ALL THE REST. HE WILL BE MISSED.
Great news,John Ronning is reported to be in good condition.
Talk to the post master at the post office, ask if they have any cameras above the loading dock. Good luck.
That is a serious write up in the M.C. Star. Does the star have the right Date/ Last Thursday, lets all pray for John and his family. Any up date on his condition? We dont have a jail Yet. lets hope t + 70 more characters
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