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Talk about a flashback! I still love those cookies and I've even done variations on that recipe. It's good with cinnamon and raisins; also with chocolate and mint instead of peanut butter.
It's clearly Richard's joke. I don't get it either. Shu- I've not been at DQ for five years... And Wendy, I'd like to suggest a place you can put that sword that Richard always wants you to kick.
now that's more like it!
His name is Richard too. Coincidence?!
+2 for Bridgier. I always knew you were smart. I was pretty certain that Richard's intent in posting the sign was humor, especially since it was in the humor and jokes category. I had one of those aw + 540 more characters
Thanks Big Dave, you said very well what I meant. And IMO, jokes about North Dakotans and blondes fall into the same category.
Funny? No. More like racist and insensitive.
Richard it was posted in the "Bonine Question" thread but here it is again: Ketchup and Raisin Cookies 1 c. margarine 1/2 c. sugar 1/2 c. brown sugar 2 eggs 1 tsp. vanilla 2 3/4 c. sifted flour 1/2 ts + 670 more characters
I <3 !
Jailhouse Eyes McGee. And my son is Fat Gumbo McGee. Hmmm I sense a new nickname coming on!
At this point, I'm hoping Carl wins the championship instead of Tony.
Bridgier said: "Let's say... all Bonines +/- 1 with an origin centered at Mary..." At last, someone got it right! +1 Bridgier BTW I was in Signal Butte, then Prairie Scooters 4-H clubs.
@ Gunnar True Dale Earnhart is dead. I don't think that will change anytime soon either. @ Richard Lust? Really? You think that's why I'm a Jimmie fan? smh What a silly thing to say! When I started w + 358 more characters
Isn't anyone excited about the Chase this year? What with the wild-card spots and all? No? Perhaps your driver is not at the top of the rankings like mine is!
I checked today as I went by a fuel station here in the Emerald City: Unleaded $3.95 Diesel $4.19
Perhaps Uncle Warren and 5 of his mega-rich friends should serve as advisors for the 12 member committee. Maybe then something will be accomplished.
Not in Richard's household as he said, but he doesn't speak for all Bonines. I happen to love Chinese food, get a a hankering for sushi and have enjoyed a bowl or two of pho. Just sayin!
Because there is already a thread with our name on it.... Let this post serve as a thirty day notice to the citizens of Miles City and the surrounding area that the Bonine clan will be converging in t + 190 more characters
In the past several months I switched to turkey bacon and it was really pretty good. Then I bought a package of REAL bacon and fell in love again. I don't know if I can or will go back. The taste of r + 71 more characters
All I know is that it's a great day to be born!
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