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We have on we would sale. Not sure on any specs, my husband will be home later this evening. What is your price point?
Can anyone tell me when and where there are Easter egg hunts for kids in Miles City?
Does anyone know?
I too am wondering when the t-ball and young kids sign-ups are. Or who to contact that might know. Thanks
Just curious if anyone knows what's going in the old cancer treatment building? It looks like someone is doing a lot of work to it.
I guess the scarred for life thing was taken a little to literally. But trust me, it was an image that won't soon be forgotten. I sure hope we get the problem with this guy under control.
I believe this forum was started to inform the public and make it very aware to people that this man has negatively affected people in this community. Furthermore in hopes of someone coming up with a + 392 more characters
Probably, depends on his aim, or how much alcohol he had cosumed today. He was completely oblivious to the fact that our car was literally a foot from him on his bike.
OMG! This is a true tale that just happened on our way home from dinner Tonight. Driving down main with my husband and 2 children I notice the man in question. He is in the street on his bike, I say t + 996 more characters
Well my two sense is Miles City is fine if your family's generations were raised here. Also if your family has money and were handed down the local business. People are friendly enough, but that's pre + 953 more characters
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