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Smoke it Chris like you always have. Bet u cant pass a piss test for grass.Another worthless one that works at mac's.
Well since John Uden not in the race i would write in Bobby Kenny. I sure wouldn't vote for the fat dummy Butch Grenz or eat in the 600 cafe. What a pair Butch and Gloria Grenz, Bobby for Mayor!!!!!!! + 1 more characters
Butch is a fat dummy and i would never vote for him or step foot in one of his so called cafe's. I think John Uden is the man to be the new mayor of Miles City. Good Luck John
Butch Grenz is not even worth talking about he a fat dummy. I would not step foot in one of his so called cafe's. Let alone vote for Butch the Fat Dummy for Mayor. I write in Bobby Kenny Go Bobby!!!
Wonder who Keefro................
I BET i can guess who you are talking about Smiley.
Clocks? you got some for sale?
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