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Wow, that was weird. I could see it going either direction. What does that mean?
Hillary Clinton (D) John Edwards (D) Barack Obama (D) Rudy Giuliani (R) John McCain (R) Mitt Romney (R) Mike Huckabee (R) Fred Thompson (R) Interesting results...
The Solstice sounded cool! My friend in Missoula is a Druid priest, hopefully I will get to go to the Solstice Celebration he has sometime! Glad to see something like this happening in MC.
I'm glad I'm in town when this is going on! I'll see you down there!
"And you will likely produce Hillary as the President and then gays will have the right to marry, and I will have to accept the fact that such is now the law of the land." Actually, she is only for "c + 212 more characters
That is horrible! It's also an example of how fundamentalism is hurting people in other countries, as well as our own.
"The Gays Agenda is, in fact, to completely and totally obliterate society." Damn it! How did you know??!! I swear those new gay recruits need to keep thier mouths shut about that contract they sign w + 237 more characters
Hey everyone, So I have talked to the person in charge of hiring at the Miles City McDonald's and she didn't even know that this was going on until today when she read this thread. No, McDonald's is n + 580 more characters
Gunnar, I thought that was hilarious! I also think it's awesome that some people on here support my orientation, even if they don't share it. I certainly support the sexual orientation known as "stra + 288 more characters
As has been said already, sexual orientation is NOT covered as a protected class, therefore, it is not illigal to refuse to hire a lesbian simply for being a lesbian. What good will a lawyer do in thi + 7 more characters
How did they know she was gay?? Miles City is a SMALL town, and I know (since I have also worked there) that McDonalds usually asks around to see what people are like. All someone had to say is "Oh, s + 137 more characters
Richard, There are actually two forms of marriage in place; 1. Religious and 2. Civil (this is the one that is legally binding). This is why people don't even have to go into a church to get married, + 1057 more characters
Whoa! There are people assuming that Elizabeth went in with a bad attitude. It is, in fact, legal for people to simply not hire (or to fire) homosexuals based solely on the fact that they are gay. I k + 479 more characters
K.D., did you honestly think no one would respond to what you said? No, I think you knew you would get wanted the responses.
Really K.D.? This whole thread is a waste? Then why did you post on it?
Rick, I would not boycott a business because I have a problem with the owner's politics, I just would not give my money to a business that is known to be homophobic. The owner could very well be homop + 1433 more characters
Also, I can't believe you would threaten someone's buisiness because of their stance on an issue. I personally think that it is GREAT that Eric stands up for gay people. I'm gay, and I try not to shop + 65 more characters
"If you honestly gave everyone a choice between a drivers' license and being able to be "legally" married, which do you think most would choose in today's society?" Why should we have to pick and choo + 189 more characters
Hey Ms. Gerber!!! How have you been?? Let me know how your historic photo hunt goes! Can't wait to see the outcome of your project! Breanna Barber
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