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The subject title says someone was hit by a drunk driver. I responded to that. The brother of the victim then said that the driver was not legally drunk - whatever that means. Then I was called judgem + 524 more characters
Just curious...but who is judging?
Well, I hope your sister will be ok and recovers quickly and completely. I was only going on what you said, that the driver wasn't legally drunk. If you had said he wasn't drunk, I would not have rea + 124 more characters
That is such a relief. He was only illegally drunk. The lengths people will go in order to rationalize and enable. I hope the victim of this illegal drunk recovers quickly and completely.
yeah, funny. You do know that the first President Bush was CIA director in 1976, right? url
Here is something I found about judging. "Question: "What does the Bible mean that we are not to judge others?" Answer: This is an issue that has confused many people. On one hand, we are commanded b + 2193 more characters
Polar Bear said: "Excellent, post Denise. I got one of the few good ones and my adult sons turned out well as a result of a good role model in their father." Certainly you don't mean to imply that the + 550 more characters
Why is it unrealistic (assuming one has values and character)? Please define values and character. I am just dying to see what you have to say.
Happy Thanksgiving.
Polar Bear needs a witness!
What leads you to believe that I am a wing nut?
I apologize for the bleeding heart reference. I'm sorry I offended you. On some of the other boards I've visited today, I read comments that attempted to excuse the Major's actions because it had been + 362 more characters
I don't understand your remark, will you please clarify it for me?
bleeding heart(s)
spacekace...don't hold your breath, she couldn't verify all that stuff she said about marijuana either. And she just might turn you into the internet safety patrol for stalking! The higher you sit on + 76 more characters
What happened at Fort Hood is a huge tragedy. I'm glad that nut survived, I want him tried, sentenced and hung. My only fear is that the bh's will find some excuse for his unexcusable act.
I'm on my way to Orlando. Stopped off at my sister's place in Atlanta. Just heard that there is some nut that has shot at least 6 people in an Engineering firm or something in Orlando. Is there someth + 84 more characters
Wow, Wendy no need to wallow in what might have been at Whitman in Walla Walla, I bet your school of choice was wonderful. Alliteration is so much fun. Sorry, I just can't help myself sometimes.
I am so going to get slammed for this...but I cannot help apologies to all offended in advance. I guess that makes them...indian givers...
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