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I do, and enough is indeed enough.
I will present details about my activities as I SEE FIT. Your bantering, begging and incessant beration will neither improve your condition nor damage mine. None of you are entitled to know the privat + 340 more characters
Kyle, I took 14 photographs from the rim of the Palisades. I used Photoshop to stitch them together. This took a couple hours of time, and required some "voo-doo" to prevent the fish-eye effect caus + 1203 more characters
ucrackmeup: What anger management classes? Amorette rarely seems to spare the javelin with regards to me, I was merely returning the sentiment. If truth = anger, and politically correct = lies, then + 85 more characters
No Amorette, you know how to contact me - you've had private email contact with me very recently. You work UNDER the webcam; why do you even care? I'm not buying the "polite question" bs. Don't try to + 716 more characters
Amorette, Your your usual constructive and informed self today. Do you not see that the webcam is still running? Have I announced any changes? I'm sorry if I have offended you your highness. But if y + 675 more characters
"Ever unwrap some complicated Barbie (registered trademark) item?" Yup - that's me! You caught me...
Wow. That's all I can say - Wow!
No, Bridger - there is no comparison. As far as I know, JT never defamed anyone's character or blatantly lied about the commissioners - he merely provided satire. Annette flat out lied and defamed my + 281 more characters
As far as I know, J, he's still working for me at the moment. He will be sorely missed- he fills a great niche at the store. You always have a home with us Brian!
"Why are you sorry? Did you do it?" Shhhhh... Don't tell.
"...the female skeleton has been dated at 13,600 years old." Sorry Hal, but it's impossible for it to be that old. The earth didn't even exist back then. I think National Geographic needs to verify th + 12 more characters
The infrastructure is slowly collapsing so much as the will and determination of America. If we spent half as much on our infrastructure and communities as we do on Nintendo and Twinkies we would have + 73 more characters
tax payer: I will take the opportunity to answer your question in very plain terms: First of all, the City never did shut off ambulance services to the county. The County actually DID stop sanitation + 1308 more characters
"And "pragmatic spectrum" can be argued on any amendment from the Bill of Rights, not just the 2nd." The "rights" argument is one that is likely to continue for decades to come. Some argue the "ideal" + 3669 more characters
How much revenue will be lost when we cannot serve the contracted clients who pay for services outside city water limits? Will ending structural fire contracts outside city limits serve the population + 1141 more characters
Rob, I would direct you to the "Rules of Conduct" url Furthermore, your comments are defamatory to Dyba and possibly illegal. If you value your country then you know that he is free from this kind of + 148 more characters
Rob, Before you get all hot under the collar here, a few things: First - the Mayor never forced the Commissioners to do anything. They planned private ambulance for MONTHS, evaded negotiations, and + 1970 more characters
Je parle Français. J'ai vecu en Belgique pendant un ans comme etudiant d'echange en 1991-1992. Maintenant, j'accueille une fille belge ici aux État-Unis. Elle est arriver il-y-a quelque jours et reste + 273 more characters
"Eric did you look at the house before you rented it!!did you agree to pay X amount!! well None of my bissness but DA!!" Yes, we not only looked at the house, but I have even helped my friend with som + 1575 more characters
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