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I am curious also as to what a JACK QUAD is. I did google and didn't get anything that I though it could be.
Called Technical Sales and Service today. They came right over and had things fixed in a half hour or so. Recommended them to the store next door and they were up and running in a short time also. Wou + 29 more characters
Windows XP and I think it is mainly networking issues.
I am looking for someone who is a competent computer tech that can come in to my office and get my computers working correctly. I have used Computer Solutions in the past but since he is no longer in + 295 more characters
I just purchased a Nook color and I purchased a regular nook for my daughter last Christmas. I went with the color so that I can do more things with it than the regular nook. When I was researching wh + 432 more characters
Would love to see a store back in town. It is hard to carry all the things for crafts because of the minimum orders from all the companies needed to supply a general craft store unless you are made of + 169 more characters
The intersection at Winchester and Main. You can't see around the trees on the south side of the street to see if there is traffic coming down main. You have to pull so far out into the street especia + 65 more characters
I would like to add Delbert Hanson to this list. He was a very talented fiddler and was very involved in town. He owned and ran the Red Rock Bowling Lanes in the 70's and I believe into the 80's. He w + 410 more characters
Thanks Amorette. I couldn't agree with you more.
I also have it on good information that there was an incident on Saturday at the football game. As a parent of one of the accused girls, I think it is terrible that someone can say that the girls did + 2859 more characters
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