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Brad Certain's number is 234-1234 which is also the number for ABC Glass and Signs as he owns both ABC Glass and Certain Estates (which is the trailer-home's he owns)...not sure which trailer will be + 98 more characters
I don't know ANY of these boys personally, but I have several friends that were friends with all 4 of them. I don't want to start any fights or verbal attacks, I just think that everyone should try to + 981 more characters
Thank you all so much for your help!!!...Someone read this post and the puppies have been found and are back with their rightful owner- my friend :0)
Dang ...If anyone else happens to see these two puppies, please call (406) 694-4827...Thank you!
Sounds like it could be my friends puppy...If you look at my last post, you can see a picture of her...If it's her, please let me know... I would greatly appreciate it
Thank you!
They were last seen in the Head Start area as my friend lives but a few blocks from there...She has contacted dispatch and Animal Control and still nothing...so if anyone can help, it'd be much apprec + 7 more characters
Thank you sooo much!! Their owner/my friend will really appreciate it!!
A friend of ours had two puppies that went missing around 8-26-12...here are a couple of pictures of them:
Please resonod to this thread and I'll let my friend know
Thank you all so much for your positive and informative feedback!! I really appreciate it!!
How would an indoor gun range go over in Miles City? It would be a safe environment to practice target shooting; as well as a safe place for new gun owners to learn how to safely use their guns. Thi + 106 more characters
My fiance and I went there a while back on a date night...Our service was excellent and our waitress was wonderful...It was our food that wasn't as good as we had expected it to be with all the great + 297 more characters
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