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I take it Wendell failed the quiz....
RE: why?? 11 years ago
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Many small towns in eastern Montana (close to the Bakken oil play) are in the housing business. In order to attract necessary workers (teachers, law enforcment,etc) towns are providing housing. Dose o + 158 more characters
To reply to Richard: Where did anyone(besides you) in this thread mention anything about the mayor not being from MC? One advantage to not getting totally bombed on New Years Eve is to be able to come + 627 more characters
I know it is based on my water line size. Just pointing out we are all contibuting to the 'pot' so to speak. I remember that water revenue was added to the general fund. Can you cite when this was cha + 43 more characters
This is not NYC. So the city has a 'large' reserve.... Is that why I am paying $60 a month for water/sewer on usage of 1000 gallons? Somehow I dont think that reserve was built just on the backs of + 185 more characters
Wow! A real 'Rocky Mountain High!'
The whole point of the 'tea party' is to keep the minions confused and misdirected so they cant see what is really going on. Lets see if any of the newly elected 'tea partiers' take a run at the corpo + 17 more characters
I see a leaky faucet
Richard, how often do you and your family use this recreation center?
So if you dont make much money its OK to be greedy? Cant say I quite follow this logic...
Steve, Steve, I have not seen a compelling argument from you to support your conclusions. Again I say; I sure hope that GWB is not your example of peak presidential performance. As an aside: Just thi + 256 more characters
'Apocalypse Now', Richard?
Steve, what we are 'reaping' right now is the costs directly associated with the Bush era policies. That, my friend, is reality. Its sad that your pinnical of presidential achievement is G W Bush. Rea + 9 more characters
Steve, I think your thought process is a'little' flawed. You're telling me it all went to hell in last 2 years of Bush's term? You Sir, have no idea of what you speak! That was the beginning of our ' + 102 more characters
If I believe the lobbists are calling the shots does that make me a rube? or maybe a pirate? I'd like to be a pirate....
Richard, of those 600 how many of those were local? Take a look at Williston and the number of out of region/out of state people in the area. People are migrating to possible jobs not away from enviro + 119 more characters
Tell me where we are going, Rick. Like to hear your direction(s)..
Richard, our 'wealth' has been being redistributed for years. Witness the disappearance of a healthy, vital 'middle' class and the effect on the nations economy. This sure isnt the same world we grew + 7 more characters
Healthcare is a many headed Hydra... Cut off one head and the others will bite you. Cutting costs is a great idea, as is effective regulation of the insurance industry. I have to agree with Richard, a + 70 more characters
Seems like Fox and Friends seemed to be the ones that made 'much ado about nothing.'
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