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Can anyone tell me what the next few movies are for the Winter Matinee?
KINDERGARTEN screening is in APRIL. March 14th is the PRESCHOOL screening.
I think you have to be 4 years old before the first meet which I think is January 26.
Really! I agree with Jimmie too!
Mavericks played Glendive Friday morning. Lost 8-6, and no they do not have the same kids on the two teams.
texas club
Don't forget to come cheer on the Mavs Friday at 3:00 and 6:30 and again on Saturday at 6:30.
Does anyone have any thoughts or opinions on this resort in the Black Hills Area. Can't find a lot about in online. Prices, cleanliness, accomodations?
Come wish Pat Neiffer Happy 80th Birthday on April 9 from 1-3 p.m. at the Eagles (bottom floor).
They usually hold sign ups again at the end of March if you missed the first ones.
Kerry, I may know of a few people who are interested. I will let you know.
signups are not usually until after christmas. I think if you call Jen Hirsch she might be able to help you out.
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Santa 11 years ago
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Does anyone know if Santa will be anywhere for pictures this weekend?
When do you need to know by if we are having a team? Is there a limited amount of teams?
What is the fee for playing in the league?
I think a guy named Glen was their ringleader.
I saw your husband dropping it off at the river
actually I think it is mandatory as part of your grade, atleast in junior high
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