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My stepdad, Ruel W Taylor was employed by the Milwaukee RR for 46 years. He retired in 1965 and passed away in 1975. Feel free to contact me if I can be of further help. [email protected]
Born and raised in Miles City (1936-1954)under the name of Frank Taylor. Now reside in Hermitage, TN for the last 28 years. In be- tween those times I served in the military (USAF).
Keep in mind that when Mr Moore is overseas he says that we Americans are stupid. Since his film has grossed over 100 million dollars, is there some thread of truth in what he says about us while he + 33 more characters
If you know of anyone who served in WWII please go to the below URL address and enter their name in the WWII National Memorial Registry. It is very easy to do. Once approved you can enter a picture of + 315 more characters
During the late 30's and 40's there was the Milwaukee Grocery Store on the 1400 block of Phillips Street just east of Montana Avenue. I used to live in Prairie Ave just around the corner. Franklin Mil + 12 more characters
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